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First Continental Congress


The First Continental Congress was a meeting of delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies that met on September 5 to October 26, 1774 at Carpenters' Hall  ...

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On this day in History, First Continental Congress convenes on Sep 05, 1774. Learn more about what happened today on History.

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What do you do if you fail as a storekeeper and farmer? Become a lawyer! That's what Patrick Henry did. By the time he became a member of the First ...

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The First Continental Congress brought together representatives from each of the colonies, except Georgia, to discuss their response to the British "Intolerable ...

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Rowe's Revolution. "The Genl Court Chose a Committee of five to go to the General Congress - James Bowdoin, Jn Adams, Saml Adams, The Speaker & Mr  ...

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First Continental Congress October 1774. Whereas, since the close of the last war, the British parliament, claiming a power of right to bind the people of America ...

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The Continental Congress was the governing body by which the American colonial governments coordinated their resistance to British rule during the first two ...

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The First Continental Congress took place from September 5 through October 26, 1774. Delegates from each colony, except Georgia, met at Carpenter's Hall in ...

Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress


Hypertext from the Journals of Congress (ed. 1800) at the Avalon Project.

The First Continental Congress - Sept 5, 1774 to Oct 26, 1774


On September 5, 1774, every colony but Georgia sent representatives to what is now called the First Continental Congress. They met in secret because they did ...

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From 1774 to 1789, the Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States. The First Continental Congress  ...

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Thus, the First Continental Congress was called to order on September 5th, 1774 . 55 colonial representatives, including famous Patriots like John Adams, ...

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The role of First Continental Congress in the history of the United States of America.