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Pantyhose in the 80s | Like Totally 80s


Sep 16, 2014 ... There were two bummers about wearing pantyhose all the time. First, the fact that they constantly ran/got holes/snags in them. Like, I don't think ...

I want to hear your story about the first time you wore pantyhose ...


Sep 15, 2008 ... Please provide a bit of detail. This goes out to guys and girls. What brand and color. What was the occasion? who noticed you were wearing ...

"My First Time in Tights" - by Scott | Doctor Dancebelt's Guide


So when the afternoon of the first dress rehearsal arrived I was prepared to deal with the problem by wearing the all purpose solution to all teenage bulge ...

Sense and Nonsense: Pantyhose, it's about time for a fashion ...


I'll never forget the first time I wore pantyhose. ... are smooth and silky in part because of the hosiery they wear, whether it be opaque tights or sheer pantyhose .

Protecting Pantyhose - The Dollar Stretcher


I find it hard to keep a pair of pantyhose intact more than a time or two. ... I've heard that freezing your pantyhose before you wear them the first time extends their ...

Anali's First Amendment: Pantyhose: To Wear Or Not To Wear?


Jun 11, 2009 ... "While I hate them, however I would wear pantyhose to an interview. The only other time I wear them is for formal business events. I think the ...

Who still wears pantyhose, stockings and why - Fortune


Nov 11, 2015 ... Pantyhose and stockings sales are still surprisingly strong. ... Gen X) First Lady Michelle Obama does not wear them, Duchess of Cambridge ...

Fashion Fridays: In Defense Of Pantyhose - Gindi Vincent


Jan 23, 2015 ... Here are some tips for when you SHOULD wear pantyhose: 1. ... I was alarmed the first time I realized people didn't wear pantyhose with skirt ...

The day we wore pantyhose to work - Indianapolis Star


Aug 11, 2015 ... I begged my mom to let me wear pantyhose to church when I was in .... I was thrilled to wear my first pair of pantyhose in the third grade for my ...

Why have women stopped wearing pantyhose? - Quora


Women haven't all stopped wearing sheer pantyhose, but the proportion of women ... and women are much less likely to wear skirts or dresses a lot of the time. ... I am old enough to remember when sheer pantyhose were first popularized, and ...

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Q: Who was the first man to wear a skirt and pantyhose?
A: In European culture, skirts are usually considered women's clothing. However, there are exceptions. The kilt is a traditional men's garment in Scotland. The fir... Read More »
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Q: Who famous wear pantyhose all-the-time?
A: zooey deschanel, rhianna, jessica alba, christina aguilera, hillary duff, mischa barton, paris hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. see for yourself at this site: http://... Read More »
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Q: When did you wear your first pair of pantyhose?
A: When I was 8 I had to wear a pair of tights as part of my costume for a school play. After that I discovered my moms old pantyhose stash & have worn ever since. Read More »
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Q: Is it unhealthy to wear pantyhose all the time.
A: If your pantyhose are too tight,it can cause blood inhibition which is not good for those with heart and kidney problems. Read More »
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Q: What should you wear paint balling for the first time?
A: lots of protection. Read More »
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