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Most fish exchange gases using gills on either side of the pharynx (throat). Gills are tissues which consist of threadlike protein structures called filaments. These ...

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Sep 7, 2011 ... These fantastic little organs allow the fish to absorb oxygen from the water and use it for energy. Functionally, gills are not that dissimilar to the ...

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Feb 23, 2011 ... Fish breathing. asdewqzxcde ... How Do Fish Breathe In Water? - Duration: 3:27 ... Animal Jam - Ask Tierney: How do fish's gills work? Do they ...

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Gills do the same job for fish that lungs do for many other kinds of animals, including humans. Animals need to take in oxygen gas for the chemical reaction that ...

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Fish have gills because these organs are used to extract oxygen from the surrounding water in which a fish lives. Gills are different from lungs because gills  ...

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This is the gross anatomy of the gill arches that holds the gill filaments, that in turn ... fish have with osmotic differences between the blood (body) and the water.

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Oct 29, 2011 ... To do this they use an arrangement of filaments on either side of their neck called gills. Fish gulp in oxygenated water and force it through their ...

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The gas exchange organs of fish are called gills. Fish possess several gills located between their mouth cavity (buccal cavity) and a chamber at the sides of their ...

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Jan 10, 2016 ... The gills of fish remove oxygen from water with extreme efficiency because water flows countercurrent to capillary blood flow. Shop Related ...

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An introduction to the biology of gills and respiration in fish.

Remove Gills from Fish
Learn how to properly gut a fish by removing guts and gills in this free online fish cleaning video.... More »
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Gills are feathery organs full of blood vessels. A fish breathes by taking water into its mouth and forcing it out through the gill passages. As water passes over the ...

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Unlike land animals, which have lungs to take in oxygen from the air, fish have gills to breathe in the oxygen contained in water. This process of breathing begins ...

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Jun 2, 2009 ... A fish's gills work exactly the same way, except that it is water instead of air and the gill structures that handle the transfusion are visible (and ...