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May 20, 2015 ... Home » Aquarium snails » How to get rid of snails in aquarium .... Except this fish also a freshwater clown loach eats snails. The fish is large ...

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Feb 21, 2014 ... Use the terminators to get rid of snails forever Powered By Loopster Apps http:// www.loopster.com/apps. ... Discus fish at waratah lodge.

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Another option is to put snail-eating fish in your tank. Any respectable Clown or Yo-Yo Loach would give their right fin for a snail dinner. They will sift through the  ...

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Several types of fish specifically eat snails. Introducing such fish will help keep the natural balance of the tank so there aren't too many snails. Puffer fish and ...

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Most snails act as a "clean up crew" in the aquarium, eating excess food, decaying plant or fish matter, and moving gravel on the tank bottom. The problem with ...

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I also reccomend sucker fish. But the BEST thing you can do (if your tank is big enough) is angelfish. they love to eat snails. I will say though, ...

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May 1, 2014 ... The first is to introduce snail-eating species of fish into your tank. Puffer fish and certain species of loach such as yo-yo loaches feed on snails ...

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If they are suited to the set-up, the best and most natural way is to add snail- eating fish. The best candidates are usually loaches. Clown loaches are one of the ...

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hello. having a bit of a snail outbreak at the moment so just wondering if there are any fish that will eat smaller snails and the eggs?

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Jan 30, 2016 ... Some larger snails will eat live plants, but contrary to popular belief, most ... Many people keep the large apple snail in aquariums with fish to ...

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Puffers are natural, and they will quickly eat and eliminate all the small snails from an aquarium. A Puffer fish has a powerful mouth with fused teeth that look like ...

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Clown loaches, friendly striped fish, fit in well with other peaceful fish and reduce snail infestations. Betta fish eat small snails or eggs, but only one male can ...

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However, it's important to realise that snails can play an important role in maintaining a healthy eco-system in an aquarium: they remove dead fish, they eat ...