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Flowers That Don't Attract Bees
To bee or not to bee -- that is never the question. Pesticide use has cut the population of these critical pollinators and, as a gardener, you'll want to help their numbers increase. But if you are allergic to bee stings, it makes sense not to attract... More »
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Plants That Don't Attract Bees. Certain flowers are more attractive to bees than others. Bees help pollinate many types of plants, including garden plants like ...

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Hummingbirds are avid pollinators that are attracted to very different flowers than bees. They love brightly colored, and especially red, flowers that don't tend to ...

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Flowers That Bees Don't Like: red flowers (such as red roses and red zinnias), ... Attracting Pollinators: Adding Herbs & Flowers in the Garden to Welcome Bees ...

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Just wondering why you want plants that don't attract them - after all, we wouldn't have most or our crops or garden flowers without bees - they ...

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Create an ideal habitat for bees by planting flowers these helpful garden bugs need to thrive. ... Don't let the name sway you from planting this bee favorite.

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Flowers That Don't Attract Bees. To bee or not to bee -- that is never the question. Pesticide use has cut the population of these critical pollinators and, as a ...

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Aug 3, 2016 ... Flowering plants rely on bees to do the necessary pollen transfer to help ... about deterring bees with plants by finding flowers bees don't like, read on. ... actually produce sugary nectar or use other tricks just to attract bees.

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They do have some sort of table on the porch . . . don't know if it could support a plant closer to the ... Bees are most attracted to blue flowers.

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The bees simply can't see the red, which looks black to them, according to West Mountain Apiary. Tubular flower structures don't make it worthwhile for the bees ...