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Flu Shot Risks and Side Effects
The flu, or influenza, is a respiratory infection caused by one of a number of viruses. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 5 percent and 20 percent of Americans get the flu each year. Most people who get the flu... More »
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Vaccines: Vac-Gen/Side Effects

Aug 17, 2015 ... Possible Side-effects from Vaccines. ... This is much lower than the risk of severe complications from flu, which can be prevented by flu vaccine.

2014-2015 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Safety - Centers for Disease ...

There are multiple flu vaccine choices this ... CDC expects that any serious side effects following vaccination with the ... muscle aches, fever, and nausea. If these  ...

Seasonal Flu Shot | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC

The flu shot protects against the ... can cause mild side effects that ...
Although flu shots are largely considered safe and effective, they are not without their risks. Learn all about flu shot side effects. More »
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Flu Shot: Learn the Side Effects - Healthline

Fever. A fever of 101 degrees or less is a common side effect of both the shot and the nasal spray. A slight fever is considered a mild side ...

Flu Vaccine: Read About Flu Shot Side Effects - MedicineNet

Sep 23, 2014 ... Get the facts about influenza vaccine (flu shot) side effects, ingredients, and vaccination ... What are risks and side effects of the flu vaccine?

Flu Vaccination: The Hidden Risks in This Heavily ... - Mercola

Oct 31, 2011 ... The flu vaccine may also pose an immediate risk to your ... If a doubling of side effects is not substantially and clinically different, then what is?

Learn About Flu Shot -- the Influenza Vaccine -- and Its Side Effects

Jul 8, 2015 ... If you get the flu shot, you might have a mild fever and feel tired or achy ... If you get the nasal spray, you might have side effects like a runny ...

Learn About Flu Shot -- the Influenza Vaccine -- and Its Side Effects

WebMD explains the reasons to get a flu shot each year, what kind to get, and who should not ... Flu Shot: The Vaccine and Its Side Effects ... Symptoms & Types.

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Q: What are flu shot risks and side effects?
A: and tenderness at the injection site. But, a main concern about the vaccine is the additives used to formulate the injection. Thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde... Read More »
Q: What are the side effects with flu shots?
A: it is just a stupid thing to ask, so please, don`t agitate me! Read More »
Q: What are the flu shot side effects?
A: Side effects include soreness at the site of the injection, muscle aching, fever, Read More »
Q: What are side effects of Flu Shots?
A: Side effects of the Flu Vaccine include: soreness, redness or swelling at injection site; low fev... Read More »
Q: What are the side effects of the flu shot?
A: What you need to find out is if they used a live virus or a dead virus. You always want the flu shot that has the dead virus. You cannot get sick from it, but y... Read More »