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The History of Flutes
The flute, an instrument that derives its sound from the blowing of air through a certain number of holes, is one of the world's oldest musical instruments, prominent in several societies.... More »
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Historyedit]. Further information: Paleolithic flutes and Prehistoric music. Chinese women playing flutes, from the 12th-century Song ...

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Flute History. While the term "flute" refers to a broad number of instruments which are found in many different cultures, we will be exploring the history of our ...

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History of the flute. Japanese Flutes The oldest flutes found, are thousands of years old and made of bones. These flutes were used during hunting and in magic ...
The flute's earliest probable history dates back to approximately 900 B.C. This early flute, which was found in China, is called a ch'ie. More »
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The history of the flute and flute-playing. Includes information about players, makers, composers, and instruments of the past 800 years. Text articles, pictures  ...

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History. The flute is one of the oldest musical instruments of all and is regarded as the first ever wind instrument. It has been in use at least since the Stone Age.

History of the Flute

The "flute family" is the oldest in the category of woodwind instruments. Throughout history the size of the tube along the flutes length has evolved in respect to its ...

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History. Flutes have existed since prehistoric times. A fragment of a cave bear thigh bone containing two holes, discovered in Slovenia in 1995, is believed by ...

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Home · Flute Pages · Music Theory & History · Psychology & Performing · Who is Mostlywind? ... circa 1320 - One-piece wooden flute, 2' long, key of "D".

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A: The flute's earliest history dates back to approximately 900 B.C. This early fl... Read More »
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