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Weight Loss as Self Care. "Taking care of your clutter is part of taking care of yourself," Cilley observes. She sees it as just another part of the larger whole.

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A few weeks later, I asked her to write for my FlyLady Email Group. ... We got serious about taking care of ourselves by losing weight and moving. On that journey ...

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Jan 25, 2016 ... When I started drinking half my body weight in water in ounces every day, ... difference in bloating, weight loss and as a bonus, my skin looked amazing. ... having an accountability partner or group makes a world of difference!

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Jul 15, 2014 ... My Shaklee team is doing a 28 Day Challenge!! The first 5 days will be a ... Posted in Healthy HomeTagged exercise, shaklee, weightloss ... I respectfully suggest you look into something I found out about through Flylady.net.

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Jul 22, 2012 ... The Importance of FlyLady in Transforming your Life ... I went with a friend, and found that I concentrated on the social aspect more than the weight loss aspect. .... I want to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group:.

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A new take on weight loss for women with ADHD that emphasizes long-term thinking. ... Marla Cilley, aka FlyLady, has devised a sure-fire way to reduce household ... ADDitude's free community site offers free support groups for adults with ...

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Flylady:Peace is Mine Team Leader ... current weight: 188.6 ...... has been slow because I've been so focused on exercising and losing weight.

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In Sink Reflections, Marla Cilley -- the FlyLady -- helped hundreds of thousands of her fans ... team up to teach readers how to handle and erase the clutter they carry on their bodies and .... This is the last "weight loss" book you will EVER need.

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I really like the FLYLady and use her plan for keeping my house in order, but I was very disappointed .... This is the last "weight loss" book you will EVER need. .... Thank you Marla and team for getting this book out to us all - you are a lifesaver!

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Mar 20, 2007 ... The following diet personality quiz is designed to help you identify a weight loss plan that ... lists, fat gram counters, or rigid plans that trash entire food groups. ... FlyLady (Cilley) and Dinner Diva (Ely), as they call themselves, ...

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They do not preach at you about losing weight; they help you discover how you found it in the first place. Body Clutter teaches you how to use BabySteps and ...

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My father died at 58 from a heart attack and he was not over weight. ... thought they joined a group to get their home in order not a weight loss or exercise group!

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They do not preach at you about losing weight; they help you discover how you found it in the first place. This audio book teaches you how to use BabySteps and  ...