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How to Focus on Tasks
Working can be tedious and time-consuming, but it's a necessary part of life. To complete your work successfully, however, you need to focus on the tasks. This means eliminating distractions, clearing your mind, and creating a plan. By following a few... More »
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Task-oriented (or task-focused) leadership is a behavioral approach in which the leader focuses on the tasks that need to be performed in order to meet certain ...

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Nov 14, 2011 ... Most of us have trouble focusing at one time or another, but the reasons differ. Some people stray when they're bored; others find reasons to ...

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7 ways to stay focused and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently -- both at home and in the office.

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Jul 27, 2010 ... Many people want the ability to focus more and feel like they're losing the ability to focus on a particular task for long periods of time. We feel ...

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If you want to know how to stop checking your Facebook or phone every fifteen minutes and to stay focused on the task ahead of you, just follow these few steps.

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Typically, we do mindless work first and build up to the toughest tasks. That drains your energy and lowers your focus. "An hour into doing your work, you've got ...

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Mar 2, 2011 ... I know that lots of people have trouble focusing one one task for very long, and so I thought I'd share a few things that have worked for me.

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How many times have you sat at your desk and tried to focus on a task, only to find that your mind is wandering? Despite your best intentions, you just can't ...

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If you're one of the roughly 10 million U.S. adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be a constant challenge to stay on task. Anthony ...

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Q: How to Focus on Tasks.
A: 1. Eliminate all distractions. Turn off the television and radio, close computer programs that aren't related to your work, and don't answer your phone unless i... Read More »
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Q: Need help focusing on tasks?
A: I know how you feel. This is something you talk about with your doctor. If he sees that it is bad he will prescribe something like adderal to help yoi keep focu... Read More »
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Q: How can stay more focus on tasks?
A: Make a to-do list for all your big tasks. Break up every big task into a series of smaller tasks and give yourself a time frame for each. Also, listening to mus... Read More »
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Q: How to stay focused on your tasks?
A: 1. First thing to do is to minimize all your distractions. Best strategy is to cut down on all your unnecessary tasks. 2. Set a certain specific goal for yourse... Read More »
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Q: What does expert say in "Concentrate Helps You Focus on Tasks"?
A: With all the distractions your Mac and its network connection can provide, it can be tough to get anything accomplished. A while back, I reviewed Think , a free... Read More »
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