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All tigers are carnivorous, and their diet consists mostly of animals weighing about 45 pounds or more. It is estimated that tigers kill about 50 deer-sized animals a year, or abou...

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Tigers eat a variety of prey ranging in size from termites to elephant calves. However, an integral component of their diet are large-bodied prey weighing about ...

What Do Tigers Eat?


Let us teach you all about the dietary habits of one of the most amazing big cats in the world. Tigers are carnivores, meaning that their diet consists of meat, flesh,  ...

Tigers Diet


Tigers, regardless of their subspecies, are carnivorous animals. This means that they eat meat and will not ordinarily consider any sort of vegetation to be part of ...

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In times of shortage of food, tigers are known to eat certain forms of fish, lizard, red ... animal diet professionals should not merely know what do tigers eat, they ...

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Tigers are carnivorous animals that eat a wide range of animals depending on the habitat of the tigers and the availability of food. Often this means that tigers ...

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The tiger is a carnivore which means that they are meat eaters. They tend ... They certainly don't want to end up getting harmed when they are trying to find food.

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Tigers were present formerly throughout Asia and extending toward Russia. ... What Do Tigers Eat | Tigers Diet ? ... Tigers eat vegetation, but occasionally.

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Hunting by humans has had a big effect on the Indochinese tiger diet, as it has done away with a lot of the subspecies' preferred prey. Indochinese tigers ...

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Q: What food do tiger eat?
A: Most Meats, in the wild usually, deer or antelopes or anything they can hunt down really. Read More »
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Q: What food do tigers eat?
A: they eat large sums of meat and large animals hope that helps you Read More »
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Q: What foods do tigers eat?
A: A tiger's favorite prey is deer and wild boar. Depending on the habitat, tigers may also Read More »
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Q: What are food do Bengal tigers eat.
A: Slugs & woodlice. Read More »
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Q: What type of food do tiger Oscars eat?
A: In the wild, the Oscar's diet consists mainly of insects and small fish. I Read More »
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