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13 Surprising Causes of Constipation - Health.com


Gut trouble? Here are 13 possible causes of constipation you may not have considered. ... The 20 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast ...

7 Foods to Avoid When Constipated | Everyday Health


Mar 31, 2011 ... One cause of constipation can be found in the type of foods you eat. Learn more about red meat constipation & other foods to avoid when ...

12 Foods to Prevent Constipation and Provide Relief - MedicineNet


Aug 25, 2015 ... Learn why certain foods can help relieve constipation like beans, kiwi, nuts, berries, ... but for most people, a diet low in fiber may be the cause.

Why do some foods cause constipation? - Gut Sense


One 'food' component that may cause constipation — indigestible fiber. Too much fiber leads to bowel obstruction, too little indicates bowel dependence.

Eat Healthy to Avoid Constipation - WebMD


To understand how to prevent constipation, it helps to know what causes it. As food passes through your colon, your body absorbs the water from it, and what's ...

Habits That May Cause Constipation - WebMD


Nov 7, 2013 ... Fiber is the material in plant foods that your body can't digest, and it's important for good ... Not Drinking Enough Fluids Causes Constipation.

8 Foods That Cause Constipation & Plug You Up | Bembu


Here are common foods that cause constipation, or at the least can muck up your digestive system, causing it to function at less than its best. Try avoiding these ...

Constipation - self-care: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


Constipation is when you do not pass stool as often as you normally do. ... Add foods with fiber to your diet slowly, because eating more fiber can cause bloating  ...

List of Constipating Foods | LIVESTRONG.COM


Apr 19, 2015 ... These foods tend to be low in fiber, and a low-fiber diet is one of the potential causes for constipation. Fiber helps add bulk to your stool and ...

Limit These 15 Foods That Cause Constipation | New Health Advisor


Here is a list of 15 foods that cause constipation, such as milk, unripe banana, sugar products and so on. Have a closer look at your diet and avoid these culprits  ...

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10 Foods That Cause Constipation - Huffington Post


Mar 6, 2015 ... Below, Kesso has chosen 10 common culprits that often cause constipation, and while we're not suggesting to never eat these foods again, ...

What Causes Constipation? 6 Surprising Foods That Can Back You ...


Feb 11, 2015 ... Avoid overindulging in these surprising constipation triggers — from green bananas to frozen dinners — which are sure to muck up your ...

10 Best Foods To Avoid Constipation—And The Worst | Prevention


Oct 5, 2015 ... It's high in iron, which can contribute to constipation. Calcium-containing foods— such as milk and cheese—can cause constipation for some, ...