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10 Foods That Never (or Almost Never) Expire | Mental Floss


Apr 7, 2016 ... Stocking up on chow for a potential emergency? Canned tuna and dried fruit will last for quite a while in your pantry, but if you really want foods ...

11 Foods That Shouldn't Ever Need An Expiration Date | Huffington ...


Aug 22, 2016 ... Actually, some of those foods don't go bad. Ever. ... If you're tired of throwing out good food, it's time you knew which foods never spoil.

9 Foods That Last Forever| StillTasty.com - Your Ultimate Shelf Life ...


Whipping up some penne alla vodka and a pitcher of cocktails? Distilled spirits — vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila and the like — don't spoil, even after opening.

14 Foods That Never Spoil - Spoon University


Jul 24, 2015 ... You'll be surprised at what foods don't have an expiration date.

9 Foods That Won't Spoil - The Daily Meal


Jan 9, 2014 ... Don't worry about wasting money with these pantry staples. 2.75 ... Click here to see the 9 Foods That Won't Spoil (Slideshow). "I totally need ...

What is the only food that doesn't spoil? | Reference.com


Several foods don't spoil, including white rice and honey. Although honey may crystallize, it returns to fluidity with heating. Hardtack, a plain water-and-flour ...

10 High-Protein Foods That Won't Go Bad at Camp | ACTIVE


Many high-protein foods are perishable, and likely to spoil without a cooler full of ice. Still, there are a number of non-perishable options that are perfect for your ...

Foods that won't spoil | Fox News


Jan 24, 2014 ... Don't fret, three years from now you can use that same bottle to drizzle into your tea. To find out which foods will live happily in your pantry for a ...

Survival Foods That Can Last Forever | USA Today


Honey is one of many natural foods that doesn't go bad. ... For a more substantial staple, white rice can last indefinitely without spoiling or breaking down.

Top 5 Foods That Never Spoil, Rot, or Expire | Miami New Times


Dec 8, 2009 ... And though there are plenty of things you shouldn't eat after they've been sitting ... Here's our Top 5 list of foods that don't spoil, rot, or expire. 5.

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22 Healthy Foods That Don't Spoil Easily - Authority Nutrition


Many healthy foods can be stored long-term without spoiling. Here are 23 healthy foods that don't need to be refrigerated.

Foods That Never Expire - WholeSurvival.com


Dec 16, 2014 ... A List Of Foods That Never Expire Or Go Bad. ... Foods that don't go bad ... Brown rice has a higher oil content and will spoil over time.

Picnic Foods That Won't Spoil | LEAFtv


Many traditional picnic foods quickly spoil when left out in the sun, so if ... Most fruits and vegetables don't require refrigeration and make healthy and tasty picnic  ...