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Best Foods for Stress - Health.com


12 Superfoods for Stress Relief. Get smart about stress-eating. Skip the chips and fill up on these potentially anxiety-reducing foods. By Lindsay Funston.

10 Superfoods That Reduce Stress - Mercola


Apr 27, 2015 ... Can Food Affect Your Mood? 312,915 Views. Crying Can Help Relieve Stress, But for Optimal Health You Need Better Stress-Relieving Tools

Best Foods for Stress Relief : Food Network


Feeling stressed? Instead of reaching for candy, try one of Food Network's top 10 foods for stress relief, and add exercise to your routine.

Stress-Reducing Foods - WebMD


While there are many ways to cope with stress, one strategy is to eat stress- fighting foods. WebMD shows you which foods to eat as part of a stress management ...

7 Foods for Stress Relief - EatingWell


Stress can take a toll on your body's natural defenses, but eating the right foods can offer relief. We all feel wrung out sometimes by the stress of daily life and, ...

11 Healthy Ways to De-Stress With Food | Reader's Digest


... or bag of chips. Try these healthy foods that are actually proven to lower stress levels. ... low-fat ranch dip. Broccoli has folic acid, which aids stress reduction.

How to Eat Right to Reduce Stress | The Physicians Committee


During times of stress, we often turn to traditional "comfort" foods such as macaroni and cheese, pizza, and ice cream. Ironically, these high-fat foods are usually ...

Diet for Depression: 8 Foods that do the Trick | Everyday Health


Your diet may provide a complementary or alternative depression treatment. Learn foods that help depression.

How to Reduce Stress With Diet - Diet Center - Everyday Health


A healthy diet can help reduce stress, and some foods in particular offer stress- busting qualities. Find out how to best use nutrition to de-stress your life.

Eating to Beat Stress and Depression | HealthyWomen


Yet there are terrific foods that bring real, long-lasting comfort when we are at risk of, or struggling with, stress or depression . Reaching for a banana topped with ...

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13 Foods That Fight Stress - Prevention


May 22, 2014 ... Ease your stress and depression with these healing foods. ... and encourage aging) and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage ...

Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Foods That Reduce Anxiety | Men's Fitness


Here's some good news to keep in mind the next time you're stressed out: Eating may be a stay-calm trick. We're not talking about stuffing yourself with your ...

The 11 BEST Foods to Eat When You're Stressed Out


Oct 16, 2014 ... The "chocolate cure" is real: A 2009 study by Swiss researchers suggests that eating dark chocolate reduces levels of stress hormones.