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A desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) diet is comprised mainly of safe ... drop them in the tortoise pen; depending on their mood, the tortoises will eat them fresh ...

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Even some true tropical species experience major seasonal (rainy/dry) variations in food availability. Redfoot and Yellowfoot tortoises from South America, for ...

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(Humans are omnivorous, but can survive without eating meat. ... In general, a tortoise's diet should be high in fiber, high in calcium, low in ... Species that hibernate will generally slow down their metabolism greatly during the winter months.

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Tortoises enjoy grazing and thrive on a diet of wild-growing weeds and flowers. ... A: Box turtles generally eat food that is native to their habitats, such as spiders, ...

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Do not give your tortoise boiled food and make sure to discard the unused food to ... Generally speaking, a tortoise diet should comprise of items that possess a ...

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Feb 6, 2012 ... Only very rarely should you give tortoise a strawberry or other fruit-it makes them sick if they eat ... does any one see the topless man at 1:03.

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While there are many variations on how to feed turtles and tortoises depending on the ... Of course, when they hibernate, turtles do not eat for three to six months.

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In captivity it is a common error to feed too much wet food such as lettuce, tomatoes and fruit when in reality this tortoise requires a coarse, high fiber diet.

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A: Hello, First-fall you have to arrange some space for him like Buy IMAC Ninfea at best price.| moOOou.com. Your aquatic turtle need a place to swim and bask. Read More »
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Q: What do tortoises eat? - Quora
A: According to a friend who has a tortoise, they are indiscriminate eaters. Let loose on a garden, they will feed on many plants. Even inedible items such as coi... Read More »
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A: Desert Tortoise Food List. Captive desert tortoises depend on their owners for a proper diet necessary for their health and longevity. They'll eat a variet... Read More »
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Q: What kinds of food you can and cant feed a baby sulcata tortoise ...
A: Sep 17, 2011 ... Best Answer: Sulcata tortoises are strictly vegetarians. Do Not Feed: Insects, animal matter or table food. Their digestive system is not desi... Read More »
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