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Foot odor (or foot odour) is a type of body odor that affects the feet of humans and is generally considered to be an unpleasant smell.

5 Soaks to Remove Foot Odor | Everyday Roots


There are 2 things that you need to deal with when it comes to foot odor, and that is bacteria and sweat. It is not actually the sweat that makes your feet smell, but ...

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How to Get Rid of Foot Odor. Are you suffering from a raging case of stinky feet? Do people wince when you walk by? Do your dogs avoid chewing on your ...

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And for 10% to 15% of people, the smell is really bad. Why? Because their feet are extra sweaty and become home to bacteria called Kyetococcus sedentarius ...

6 Simple Cures for Smelly Feet - Men's Health


Jul 27, 2014 ... If you can catch a whiff of your feet without bending over, you've got a ... you can do at home to eliminate bacteria so you can walk odor-free.

A Surefire Way To Get Rid Of Stinky Feet Fast | The Huffington Post


Jul 17, 2015 ... SPECIAL FROM Why our feet smell Whether it's your spouse, a coworker, or some unfortunate soul on the airport security line, we've all ...

Got Stinky Feet? The Solution is this Homemade Foot Spray Recipe


Mar 5, 2014 ... This simple homemade foot spray is gentle yet healing, and uses all natural ingredients to truly heal your feet and help them smell lovely.

No More Stinky Feet Spray: Naturally Eliminate Foot Odor - Bren Did


Do you want to banish smelly feet & destroy shoe foot odor? No More Stinky Feet Spray is an all natural cure for stinky feet & prevents stinky shoes.

Stinky Feet Remedies: DIY Natural Stinky Feet Spray Recipe - Must ...


Jun 2, 2016 ... Summer is here and it is time to get those feet sandal-ready! If you suffer from stinky feet then you may be embarrassed to unleash those toes ...

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