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Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over ... The basic dance sequence consists of three steps and then a tap step or various forms of step syncopation (such as the "double step").


Here's an example of how you'll count your steps during a basic bachata: .... done almost identically to the left-and-right movements - in other words, you'll step ...


sailor step - A triple step dance pattern accomplished by leaning in the opposite direction of the crossing foot (weight stays centered over lead foots original ...


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth far more. For the above ... In the pivot turn, the feet stay oriented in extended third dance position.


Feb 13, 2014 ... Exotic, hot, sexy and sensual are words that often used to describe these dances. ... Steps: Bachata basics consist of 3 steps and a tap. ... Similar to other Latin dances, in Cha-Cha, dancers keep their feet close to the floor and ...


Box Step A pattern consisting of six steps that form the shape of a box. It is a basic ... The word Corte is used as part of the name of several figures. Although ...


Rumba; Cha - Cha; Salsa; Mambo; Merengue; Bachata; Samba. East Coast Swing ... Traditional, medium tempo; Too Marvelous for Words; Frank Sinatra .... The foot patterns are very simple – perhaps the simplest of all the partner dances.


Instructional videos for how to dance bachata & videos with examples of bachata ... Basic steps, basic turns, footwork, and styling, in the Dominican, Caribbean style, ... The voice accents the 1st beat - often that means that vocal phrases end on the first ... Dancers usually step on beats 1,2 and 3 - stepping in place on 4 ( tap).


Bachata & Merengue ... Basic steps; Footwork required by the most common salsa or mambo turn patters; Free style footwork, which can be choreographed ( as in shines or ... In other words, the bar is the reference of the foot default position.


The terms used to describe posture and steps often over very significant clues as to ... from dances that I have previously covered on this blog: salsa and bachata. ... seen this word on Spanish exit signs; it is also your “way out” in a tango step.