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Ethnoarchaeology is the ethnographic study of peoples for archaeological reasons, usually ... One good example of ethnoarchaeology is that of Brian Hayden (1987), whose ... Formal analogies are made...

What Constitutes a Formal Analogy? - Scholarship at UWindsor


For example, the planetary model of the atom was based on the ... Our practical interest in this question of what constitutes a formal analogy is based on a.

Analogy and Analogical Reasoning (Stanford Encyclopedia of ...


They propose formal criteria for evaluating ... about one of the examples, “the analogy is already ...

Analogy 1. Formal and Material Approaches to Analogical Inference


Aug 15, 2011 ... the formal explication of other sorts of inductive inference. ..... (1966, p.68) Examples of the favored material analogy are the analogy of the ...

Analogical Problem Solving


Analogies involve reasoning about relations, in particular about relational similarity, ... For example, it has been shown that solving the Duncker's radiation problem can be ... Stage III (formal operational) Success on all aspects of the tasks.

Taphonomy, Experimental Archaeology, and Ethnoarchaeology


Analogies justified by similarities in the formal attributes of archaeological and ... Example: How large animal carcasses decompose on an African savanna.

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examples from physical science it seems necessary to distinguish between ... to its almost exclusive concern with formal aspects of models and analogies, and.

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Formal Analogy, Morphology, Unsupervised Morphology Acquisition ... give in section 2 a brief recall of the definition of formal analogy we are using in this study ...

Formal analogies in physics teacher education - ESERA


mechanical analogy are some among many other examples. ... subject, formal analogies are rarely systematically approached in physics education. In order.

Reasoning by analogy: a formal reconstruction


examples can be formally reconstructed in the logical formalism of ... We consider cases of reasoning by analogy in which a legal rule does not apply directly,.