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Formalism (art)


In art history, formalism is the study of art by analyzing and comparing form and style—the way objects are made and their purely visual aspects. In painting, formalism emphasizes compositiona...



The idea is to get the student to analyze and talk about the sensory, formal, technical and expressive properties of a particular work of art. Each property is briefly ...

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Broudy's (1972) aesthetic scanning process is one of the fundamental elements of ... sive, and technical properties of works of art and other objects. Greer (1984)  ...

Learning About Art: Aesthetic Analysis (3)


A careful scanning of a work will reveal: the means used to achieve a sense of unity, the elements ... A description of the formal properties in The Ironers follows.

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Many non-art objects also have important formal aesthetic properties. Zangwill even goes so far as to endorse extreme Aesthetic Formalism about inorganic ...

The Use of Aesthetics in a Comprehensive Art Curriculum


Jan 1, 2002 ... The students share observations about formal properties, or the way ... Aesthetic scanning also includes the students' responses to the work, ...

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"So long as modern society is dominated by the love of property," Robert ... in the values of modern society, we may look for a highly formal art to continue.

Aesthetic appraisal of art - from eye movements to computers


Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging (2009) ... of saliency) showed that our computational tools are already able to explain some properties of this ...... formal art training on the perception and aesthetic judgment of.

Finding Buried Treasures: Aesthetic Scanning with Children


In Aesthetic Scanning, viewers study a work of art by analyzing and talking about its sensory, formal, technical, and expressive properties (Broudy &. Silverman ...

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Aesthetics is the philosophy or study of the nature and value of art. Art criticism is an ... When looking at formal qualities, they study how well a work is organized.

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Teaching children some techniques for looking at art, such as “scanning,” helps ... looking called Aesthetic Scanning, which includes the examination of four properties: ... Technical Properties – What media, tools, and techniques were used?

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Aesthetic Scanning ... Formal Properties - Expressive features and characteristics of art that pertain to the work ... Technical Properties – Medium and technique.

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A. Edmund Burke Feldman's Aesthetic Criticism (as set out in Varieties of Visual Experience) Questions: 1. ... D. Broudy's Aesthetic Scanning Questions are broken down into: Sensory properties, Formal properties, Expressive properties.