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How to Calculate Beta Formula
"Stock beta" is a financial term that measures the risk or volatility of a stock. Beta can "provide serious stock analysts with insights into the movements of a particular stock relative to market movements," according to the Money-Zine Web site.... More »
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Beta (finance)

The first formula is exact, while the second one is only valid for small δ. ... To estimate beta, one needs a list of returns for the asset and returns for the index; ...

Calculating Beta: Portfolio Math For The Average Investor

Nov 15, 2013 ... Learn how to calculate your own beta using Microsoft Excel in order to provide a risk measure that's personalized for your individual portfolio.

How do you calculate beta in Excel? - Investopedia

Excel can calculate beta for you, as long as you have right data on key variables. Excel calculations are done using either the variance/covariance method or a ...

How to Calculate Beta (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Calculate Beta. Beta is the volatility or risk of a particular stock relative to the volatility of the entire stock market.

What is Beta in CAPM | Calculate Beta | Levered vs Unlevered Beta

Nov 4, 2014 ... This article focusses on CAPM Beta and its key determinants. Learn how to calculate Beta, Unlevered Beta and Levered Beta. Also find ...

How to Calculate the Beta Coefficient for a Single Stock - Wiki | The ...

The beta coefficient is a metric used to measure the difference between the average market return and the return on an individual stock or portfolio of stocks.

Beta Coefficient | Definition | Formula | Analysis | Estimate

Beta coefficient is an important input in capital asset pricing model to calculate required rate of return on a stock. It is the slope of the security market line.

1. Calculation of Beta and Alpha - Stock Trak

1. Calculation of Beta and Alpha. What is Beta? Beta is another popular measure of the risk of a stock or a stock portfolio. For Stock-. Trak's purposes, we will ...

Best Excel Tutorial - How to Calculate Stock Beta?

How to Calculate Stock Beta for technical analysis. Learn how to do it.

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Q: How to Calculate Beta Formula.
A: 1. Interpret betas. If the stock movements are greater than the stock market, the beta must be greater than one. If the stock movements are less, the beta value... Read More »
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Q: What does this mean? Given the formulae of Beta, calculate the co...
A: Im doing coursework for university and this has me completely stuck. This is the question in full: 1. Using the CAPM to decide whether John should buy or sell P... Read More »
Q: How to Calculate Beta.
A: Instructions. Note the percentages of all your values and convert them to decimals by moving the decimal place to the left two spaces. For example, if you have ... Read More »
Q: How to Calculate Beta
A: 1 Find the risk-free rate. This is the rate of return an investor could expect on an investment in which his or her money is not at risk, such as U.S. Treasury ... Read More »