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Fort Pontchartrain du D├ętroit or Fort Detroit was a fort established by the French officer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701. The site of the former fort is now ... More »

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For the action in the War of 1812, see the Siege of Detroit. The Siege of Fort Detroit was an ... Engraving by "WLJ" in Cassell's History of the World. On May 7  ...

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French explorer and soldier Antoine Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac originally built Fort Detroit in 1701, naming it Fort Pontchartrain. The French hoped to use the ...

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Why was the fort at Detroit important to the British? What was life like in and around the fort? Δ. Michigan GLCE — Grade Three. Social Studies: H3 — History of ...

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BRIEF HISTORY OF DETROIT Historical timeline of early Detroit 1701-Fort Pontchartrain is established 1760-French secede Fort Detroit to British 1796-Fort  ...

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He leads 100 French soldiers and 100 Algonquins to "le détroit" (the strait). They build Fort Pontchartrain du détroit from logs. The goal is to protect the French fur ...

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The Siege of the Fort at Detroit, depiction of the 1763 Siege of Fort Detroit by Frederic Remington.The motor capital of North America was founded by a man ...

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During the War of 1812, American General William Hull surrenders Fort Detroit and his army to the British without a fight. Hull, a 59-year-old veteran of the ...

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The term le detroit (the strait) was applied to the fort and surrounding area; after 1751 the post was known as Fort Detroit. In 1760, as a result of the French and ...

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Detroit Places: Fort Detroit - British Rule - 1760-1796. Though Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit officially became a British holding with the Articles of Capitulation ...