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Greater coat of arms of the United States.svg ... Firearm legal topics of the ..... field pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage. .... who is or shall be of ag...

Federal Ammunition for Civil War Breechloading Carbines and Rifles


Ordnance Department purchased some 9,140 assorted breech- ... tooling to make in quantity? How long would that ... arms and ammunition of different kinds and patterns, and working ..... 200,000 .44 cal., and from 1862 through 1864 the St. Louis. Arsenal .... the arsenal by four different New England firms. ..... Forty- l'rr 8,.

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In the actual bag, I would carry as much spare ammo as possible. ... As for guns amd ammo. gun and 2 spare mags for the pistol (if a ... one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; ..... -drug kit, stocked with assorted OTC pain relievers, Imodium A-D ...

8 Best Zombie Calibers - Guns & Ammo


Dec 20, 2011 ... That's why we've picked our top eight calibers — four for handguns, and ..... Wheel guns are too slow to reload for most people and 44magnum is .... often said, "A hit with a thirty-two beats a miss with a forty-five." Therefore, I would opt for whatever I could find in the greatest quantity that I cou...

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Police also found a handgun along with a quantity of ammunition in the .... Four ( 4) males, ages 44, 40, 35 and 31 years are in police custody after being ..... The drugs have an estimated street value of forty-seven thousand ($47,000.00) dollars. ... that contained a high powered weappon with an assortment of ammunition.

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The first would produce four divisions from troops in the Replacement Army ... 1 engineer battalion, assorted construction troops that had been stationed in ... January when Tenth Army reached Kirov, forty miles to the west, and Zhizdra .... The German 88-mm. guns and field howitzers with Rotkopf hollow-charge ammunition, ...

Old Fort Crawford and the Frontier • Chapter 5


Jun 20, 2013 ... From here he set out for the west with an excellent assortment of goods to .... swivels, sixty‑one stands of arms, four swords, a quantity of ammunition, twenty- eight barrels of pork, and forty‑six barrels of flour. ..... XVI, pp41‑44.

Historical Archaeology Note #1 - Cal Fire


1: Firearms and Cartridges as Historical Evidence in California ..... cartridge: it had been fired in a .44 caliber rimfire Henry Repeating Rifle, the ... 16-shot Henry rifle made its appearance in 1862 and within four years was no longer ... site nor in its vicinity, and in fact the bullet was the only historical artifact found at the site...

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Through the case of Thomas Bean, a firearms dealer convicted of a felony and ... into Mexico, customs officials there spotted some ammunition in the back ..... Bean served approximately four months in a Mexican prison,64 ... tion of assorted calibers. The box was in open view, and the quantity clearly indicates that there was.

Possibly The Ultimate Survivor's Companion | Off The Grid News


It's a gun that fits in its own butt stock, assembles in less than forty-five seconds ... of eight-round magazines to help dispatch some squirrels or other assorted animals. ... With such a cheap and lightweight round, you can carry a large quantity ... The gun actually digests ammunition much better than its predecessors have ...

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Defendant: Winchester 94 Rifle Cal: 30-30 SN: Obliterated. Plaintiff: United ... Forty-Four (44) Assorted Firearms and a Quantity of Ammunition. Filed: March 5 ...

Lowry Information - US Department of Justice


Mar 20, 2015 ... significant quantity of heroin, crack cocaine, three firearms (one of ... $5,000 in cash, and an assortment of drug paraphernalia used to ... recovered a .38 caliber revolver, a Glock handgun, ammunition, ... information, four defendants have been sentenced, to periods of .... weighs approximately 44 grams.

After Action April 1945 - 5th Armored Division Association


(Four (4) of this number returned to duty the first few days in May) b. ... AMMUNITION EXPENDITURES AND LOSSES: ... Signal, Assorted, 120 .... These were defended by AT guns in some spots, but mainly, infantry armed with ... and captured six hundred forty-four enemy troops, and a good quantity of material was seized.

MAS semi-automatic rifle 40, 44, 49, and 49/56


The 300,000 MAS series rifles represent the high point of French rifle design, created ... French armories started to collect the results of nearly forty years of weapon ... this quantity reducing number of bolt actions being produced by this much. ..... four different types of rifle ammunition (7.62x63mm, 7.62x33mm, 8x50Rmm, ...

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We have a nice assortment of ammuniton for collectors, best in the area of U.S. ... is Part Three of the projected four-part series on Civil War small arms ammunition . ... 18812 HISTORY OF MODERN US MILITARY SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION ..... M7 GRENADE LAUNCHING AUXILIARY CARTRIDGES FA 44 - These are ...