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Forward Individualized Medicine from Personal Genomes to ... - NCBI


Dec 9, 2015 ... Forward Individualized Medicine from Personal Genomes to Interactomes .... By integrating GWAS SNPs with epigenetic annotations, Farh et al. ...... Gavai A. K., Supandi F., Hettling H., Murrell P., Leunissen J. A. M., van Beek ... Hirata H., Hinoda Y., Shahryari V., Deng G., Nakajima K., Tabatabai Z. L., et al.

Authors Guild v. Google Inc. Opinion Denying Settlement


Mar 22, 2011 ... THE AUTHORS GUILD et al.,. Plaintiffs,. GOOGLE ... the 1980s, see Mary Murrell, Digital + Library: Mass Book .... Going forward, the ASA provides for Google to split revenues .... Stores, 396 F.3d at 116-17; accord Williams v.

Recent Advances in Quantum Dynamics of Bimolecular Reactions ...


For example, Murrell et al. ..... (109) observed a clear forward-scattering peak for the HF(v′ = 3) product and attributed it ... However, only on the PES of Fu et al.

Trunk rotation in scoliosis the influence of curve type and direction in ...


et al. 1983), MoirC photography (Willner 1984), com- puterized video raster stereophotography (Stokes et al. ... tinue to bend forward stepwise 4 times, making possi- .... The angle of trunk rotation (ATR) versus Cobb angle ... 1990, Murrell et al.

5001 - Potter, R. W. K. - Brown University Planetary Geosciences


Various theories have been put forward to explain their formation; there is .... et al ., 1983; Ismail and Murrell, 1990) laboratory experiment data; curves for man-.

Unpacking Google's Library | Limn


Mary Murrell explores the rise and fall of one utopian library project and the emergence of new ones in its wake. ... After the proposed settlement to Authors Guild et al. v. ... of Google's project made such a splash as a bold move forward.

Characterization of the pyrophosphate‐dependent 6 ...


Oct 13, 2008 ... Correspondence: J. Colin Murrell, Department of Biological ... of fructose-6- phosphate (F-6-P) (Km 2.27 mM and Vmax 7.6 U mg<sup>−1</sup> of .... The ORF (pfp) MCA1251 (Ward et al., 2004) was amplified from ... The activity of PPi-PFK in the direction of F-1,6-P2 formation (forward reaction) was determined at 30 °C ...

The Elusive Nature of Adaptive Mitochondrial DNA Evolution of an ...


Apr 1, 2014 ... 2011), or along the phylogeny of mammals (da Fonseca et al. .... Nested PCR products were sequenced using the forward and reverse PCR .... of species adapted to arctic or boreal conditions: arctic lineages versus the rest, ... used to test for both pervasive and episodic diversifying selection (Murrell et al.

Control of Taenia solium taeniasis/cysticercosis: The best way ...


May 2, 2016 ... taeniasis/cysticercosis: the best way forward for sub-Saharan Africa?.Acta T ... I.K. Phiri3, C.S. Sikasunge3, C. Makungu3, S. Afonso5, Q. Nicolau5 and M. V. Johansen4 ... (Gabriël et al., 2015), primarily because of increased human migration. ... subcutaneous, and other tissues (cysticercosis) (Murrell et al.,.

IDEPI: Rapid Prediction of HIV-1 Antibody Epitopes and Other ...


Sep 25, 2014 ... Ben Murrell, .... In this work we restrict our attention to predicting binary phenotypes, e.g. resistant vs susceptible, although IDEPI can be extended .... interface (API); various feature selection approaches (e.g. forward or backward .... In 2010, Dybowski et al [27] presented a sophisticated multi-level classifier ...

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Clinical Examination of the Rotator Cuff


We also used the article by Hegedus et al. on sensitivity and specificity of shoulder tests for this review. .... The subject sits with their arm at approximately 90 degrees of forward flexion and their ..... Hayes K, Walton JR, Szomor ZR, Murrell GA.



Inc. vs Haskins. AR-00-000074, Arbor Management etal vs Lockwood etal ... vs Sterling Title Strip G. AR-00-000266, First Select Corporation vs Murrell ...... District vs Quinten. AR-00-007720, Elizabeth Forward School District vs Kubas etal.

Invasive knotweed affects native plants through allelopathy


Dec 2, 2010 ... Craig Murrell,; Esther Gerber,; Christine Krebs,; Madalin Parepa,; Urs Schaffner and; Oliver Bossdorf, ... They threaten native biodiversity (Sala et al., 2000; Nentwig, 2008) ..... Our results are a step forward in understanding the ecological ... well on soils from infested versus uninfested sites (Gerber et al., ...