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Open versus Two Forms of Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair


Jan 30, 2009 ... Open versus Two Forms of Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair ... Elizabeth Silverstone, MBBS,<sup>3</sup> and George A. C. Murrell, MBBS, DPhil, MD <sup>corresponding</sup> <sup>author</sup> ..... which was based on the Shoulder Rating Questionnaire (L'Insalata et al. ... JM, XW) and included visual estimation of ROM for forward flexion, ...

Chromosome Conformation Capture Carbon Copy (5C): A ...


Journal List · Genome Res · v.16(10); 2006 Oct; PMC1581439 .... The 3C method has been described in detail (Dekker et al. ... Forward and reverse 5C primers are designed to contain a unique sequence corresponding to the ...... Murrell A., Heeson S., Reik W., Heeson S., Reik W., Reik W. Interaction between differentially ...

The Elusive Nature of Adaptive Mitochondrial DNA Evolution of an ...


Apr 1, 2014 ... 2011), or along the phylogeny of mammals (da Fonseca et al. .... Nested PCR products were sequenced using the forward and reverse PCR .... of species adapted to arctic or boreal conditions: arctic lineages versus the rest, ... used to test for both pervasive and episodic diversifying selection (Murrell et al.

SEC News Digest


Jul 2, 2013 ... I look forward to continuing to help the agency in fulfilling its critical ..... [SEC v. Mack D. Murrell, et al., Civil Action No. 2:13-cv-12856, E.D. Mich.] ...

Self-regulation vs government regulation - University of Maryland


Apr 11, 2007 ... P. Grajzl, P. Murrell / Journal of Comparative Economics 35 (2007) 520–545 ... 1995; Maxwell et al., 2000; Stefanadis, 2003), the literature has not been cast in an ..... have been put forward why self-regulation is cheaper than ...

Select SEC and Market Data Fiscal 2013


The revised definition is used here and will be applied on a going-forward basis. Under the prior ... SEC v. The Investors Registry, LLC, et al. LR-22511. 10/16/12. In the Matter of Rudolf D. Pameijer. 34-68062 ..... SEC v. Mack D. Murrell, et al.

Invasive knotweed affects native plants through allelopathy


Dec 2, 2010 ... Craig Murrell,; Esther Gerber,; Christine Krebs,; Madalin Parepa,; Urs Schaffner and; Oliver Bossdorf, ... They threaten native biodiversity (Sala et al., 2000; Nentwig, 2008) ..... Our results are a step forward in understanding the ecological ... well on soils from infested versus uninfested sites (Gerber et al., ...

MAUNEY V. GULF REFINING CO, 193 Miss. 421 (Miss. 1942 ...


Marney, 42 L.R.A. 842; Murrell et al. v. .... Sperier et al., 150 Miss. .... whereas the rule with which they are dealing is one which looks forward, not in one direction ...

Datamonkey vs. Codeml - differences in results - BioStar


Question: Datamonkey vs. ... et al. in 2005 (Bioinformatics and MBE); FUBAR is described in a paper by Ben Murrell et al. in 2013 in MBE. ... We have received . sff files from a GS FLX 454 Titanium run of a single forward sequence amplicon.

Trunk rotation in scoliosis the influence of curve type and direction in ...


Adams' forward-bending test (FBT) (1865) which lately has ... al. 1987) and ISIS scanning (Weizs et al. 1988) are too complicated to use in a school spinal screening .... The angle of trunk rotation (ATR) versus Cobb angle ... 1990, Murrell et al.

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