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Armpit Lump
An armpit lump refers to the enlargement of an underarm lymph node. Lymph nodes are small, oval-shaped glands that are located throughout the body and play an important role in the immune system. Armpit lumps may also be caused by cysts, infection, or irritation due to shaving or using antiperspirants. Lumps may feel small or be extremely visible in other cases. Seek medical attention if you have an armpit lump that gradually becomes enlarged, is not painful, or does not go away. More »
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Armpit Lump: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment - Healthline


Aug 24, 2015 ... If your armpit lumps are found to be cancerous, your doctor may refer you to a specialist for further care. Treatment will depend on the type of ...

Armpit Lumps: Are They Serious? - Symptoms - Breast Cancer


Jan 14, 2016 ... Is a lump in your armpit considered a breast lump? If you feel a lump there, how serious might it be? Find answers to your questions here.

Armpit lump: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


An armpit lump is a swelling or bump under the arm. A lump in the armpit can have many causes. These include swollen lymph nodes, infections, or cysts.

Could a lump in my armpit be a sign of breast cancer

www.baptistmedicalassociates.com/Left Navigation/Ask the Doctor/I recently noticed a small lump in my armpit. Could this be a sign of breast cancer

“It could indeed be a sign of breast cancer,” says Allison Hatmaker, MD, of Baptist Surgical Associates, who is board certified in general surgery and fellowship ...

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Apr 23, 2015 ... Most lumps and swellings are harmless but they should still be checked by a GP. ... lump; a skin tag – a harmless, wart-like growth often found underneath the breast ... A lump in the armpit is likely to be a swollen lymph gland, ...

What Causes Pea Sized Lump in Armpit and How to Treat It? | New ...


It is obvious to feel concerned about pea-sized lump in armpit, but it is not always serious or harmful. Here are 6 causes and related treatments for each ...

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Nov 6, 2013 ... My mother died of cancer. That really put things into perspective and after that I vowed to never let anything that is even a sign of cancer go ...

Lump under Armpit | New Health Guide


A lump under armpits usually results from swollen or enlarged lymph nodes which is responsible for fighting off ... Most commonly this is found in older adults.

What's with the lumps in my underarm area? | Go Ask Alice!


Mar 5, 2015 ... I have two lumps in my underarm and they are very sore, they go away .... My doc cut them out and said no, he found no hairs, so they must ...

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Q: Found lumps under armpit?
A: Definitely see a doctor, especially if they seem immobile (you can't move them when you massage the area. Breast cancers and other types of cancers can be repre... Read More »
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Q: Found a lump in armpit?
A: It could just be an ingrown hair that has become infected. I have just finished treatment for breast cancer and recently had a lump under my arm that was painfu... Read More »
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Q: I found a lump under my armpit.?
A: Doctor - right away. BUT don't worry. Worrying won't help at all. I had the same thing, got so worried and frantic, and by the time I hit the doctor, it was gon... Read More »
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Q: Iv Found A Lump Under My Armpit!?
A: A lump in the armpit could easily be a swollen lymph node, which might mean you have a low grade infection on that side of your body. Or it could be a cyst. Or ... Read More »
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Q: My teenage son found a lump in his armpit.
A: My 18 year old son came to me yesterday saying that he found a funny feeling lump in his armpit.  He says it feels funny, but has no pain.  It is not visible to... Read More »
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