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Fraser's dolphin (Lagenodelphis hosei) or the Sarawak dolphin is a cetacean in the family Delphinidae found in deep waters in the Pacific Ocean and to a lesser  ...

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This species of dolphin was first described scientifically by cetologist Francis Charles Fraser in 1956 from a mislabelled skeleton in the British Museum. He noted ...

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Dec 12, 2012 ... Fraser's Dolphin (Lagenodelphis hosei) Photo: Robert Pitman, NOAA. Did You Know? · Fraser's dolphins were first described in 1956, but were ...

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Learn more about the Fraser's dolphin - with amazing Fraser's dolphin photos and facts on ARKive.

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Range Description: The exact distribution of this species is poorly known. Fraser's Dolphin has a pantropical distribution, largely between 30°N and 30°S in all ...

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Fraser's dolphin is a mid-sized dolphin that can be found most commonly traveling in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These dolphins are known for their large pod ...

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Fraser's dolphins (Lagenodelphis hosei) off the island of Hawaii, April 30, 2008. Photo (c) Robin W. Baird. We have only documented Fraser's dolphins once in ...

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Lagenodelphis hosei Fraser, 1956. English: Fraser's dolphin. German: Borneo- Delphin Spanish: Delfín de Fraser French: Dauphin de Fraser.

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Apr 17, 2007 ... Fraser's Dolphin was first recognized in 1956. The skull of this dolphin was discovered on the Island of Borneo around 1895 by Mr. Charles E.

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Fraser's dolphins belong to the Mammalian Order Cetacea, in the suborder Odontoceti. All toothed whales belong to the suborder Odontoceti, which is Latin for ...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... Fraser's Dolphin Facts (Lagenodelphis hosei). The Fraser's dolphin is also well known as the Sarawak dolphin in some areas.

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Fraser's dolphins are considered very gregarious aggressive swimmers and often form groups ranging from hundreds to thousands of animals. Fraser's Dolphin.

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Find out what's known about Fraser's Dolphins, Lagenodelphis hosei, Mammalia, Cetacea, Delphinidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...