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April Fool's Day is coming up, so you need to be prepared with an arsenal of ... If you have a cool prank idea that you'd like to share with us, please upload a ...


Mar 28, 2017 ... The best April Fools' Day pranks are cheap or free. They usually have the added ... planning necessary. Here are 18 ideas to get you started.


Mar 25, 2015 ... 29 Insanely Easy Pranks You Need To Play On April Fools' Day. So many lols, so .... turn out the lights. Full instructions at Kids Activities Blog.


Mar 31, 2017 ... If you need more inspiration for April 1st, check out our round-up of April Fools' Day prank ideas to play on your family or in the office.


Mar 22, 2010 ... If that wasn't enough, John wrote about prank news story websites, and now I'd like to cover 4 free April Fools prank ideas with small ...


Apr 1, 2017 ... This April Fools' Day many of us will take five minutes out of our day to have a bit of fun with our friends or colleagues with a harmless prank.


May 17, 2017 ... April Fools' is the world's greatest “get out of jail free” card for all those passive aggressive, sometimes cruel pranks you've been dying to play ...


Mar 29, 2015 ... Grand April Fools' Day pranks, as impressive as they are, require careful planning. And though massive, meticulously planned pranks certainly ...


Welcome to the free April Fools prank ideas page. April fool's day falls on April 1st, is celebrated in many western countries and is basically a day where practical ...


Try one of these April Fools' pranks on your Facebook friends. ... All of your friend's friends who have no idea when their actual birthday is. .... Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device.