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This page provides supplementary chemical data on ethanol. Except where noted otherwise, data relate to standard ambient temperature ... Molal freezing point constant, −1.99 °C kg/mol. So...

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Apr 14, 2015 ... Well, it's actually a common misconception that alcohol doesn't freeze. Alcohol does freeze, just not at the temperatures that home freezers are ...

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Find out the freezing point of alcohol or the temperature at which it changes from a liquid to a solid.

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Will liquor freeze if left in the freezer? In most cases it won't, but the alcohol's proof plays a role in whether alcohol will freeze or not.

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Alcohol does freeze, but at a very wide range of temperatures. A bottle of vodka might emerge unharmed from a night in the freezer, for example, but a pack of ...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... All 80 proof vodka freezes at a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius (-11,2 ..... to freeze, being left with essentially a highly concentrated alcohol ...

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The freezing point of isopropyl alcohol is -88 degrees Celsius or -126.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezing point of a liquid ... At what temperature does ice melt?

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Assuming an average 84 proof or so, it looks like it would freeze at around -25F. Pretty cold! ... temperature does whisky freeze? Assuming the usual bottling strengths of 40-46% alcohol, at approximately which temperature would it freeze ?

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Nov 26, 2012 ... The temperature required to freeze liquor depends on several things including what else is mixed into the liquor and its alcohol content.

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As for it being more alcoholic, fractional freezing is a cheap-ass ... proper temperature range; people tend to be more interested in distillation).