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Quebec French profanity

Quebec French profanities, known as sacres (singular: sacre; French: sacrer, "to consecrate"), are words and expressions related to Catholicism and its liturgy ...

French Swear Words: My 10 Favorites | France Travel Guide

Mar 4, 2011 ... Want to learn how to properly swear in French? Here's a list of my 10 favorite French swear words and how to use them.

French swear words and curse words with English translations

french swear words, curse words and insults are often misunderstood and difficult to compare. Here is a table of the most important French swear words. Curse Words&v=zqlpdCYB4bo
Sep 30, 2013 ... Here is the best kept secret of ALL French teachers abroad. Swearing words. Of course, this is the perfect time to send your children away so ...

French Insults and Bad Words - How to Insult People in French

By studying this page you will learn several French insults, as well as other French slang words and rude French phrases. There are also some bad words in  ...

French Swear Words - LandLopers

Aug 7, 2012 ... I've been studying French for more than twenty years, but the one thing that none of my teachers ever shared were great French swear words.

Essential French Swear Words | WhyGo Paris

Aug 23, 2008 ... Do swear words sound better in French? That's probably a matter of personal preference, but the fact remains that just about everyone studying ...

How to Swear In French – Essential Curse Words & Phrases

Whether you're learning French or are simply tired of the pale excuses for curse words contained in the English language, you'll be glad to know that French ...

Swearing in French and Degrees of Vulgarity - blog

Mar 14, 2011 ... Swearing is another cultural concept that is difficult to master when learning a language. Exact translations among swear words are hard to ...

The Best French Swear Words - Stim

by David McAninch. During the final hours of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, one of Bonaparte's generals, a certain Cambronne, found himself hopelessly ...

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Q: What is a french curse words?
A: Vous baiser s a french curse word. Thanks for using Read More »
Q: What are some French curse words?
A: Some French swear words are: Estie - Cauliss (similar to F word) - Tabernacle - Read More »
Q: French curse words?
A: Salope =Asshol connard = bi... There are still a lot but they are too ugly Read More »
Q: What are some french curse words/phrases?
A: There are 10 good ones (with historical background and pronunciation) here to get you started:…. Read More »
Q: How to Stop Using Curse Words
A: Paying attention to the fact that you are cursing is necessary for that to stop. You can successfully do this with some concentration and will not require any s... Read More »