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Friday the 13th: The Series is an American-Canadian horror television series ... no story connections to the film series of the same title, as Jason Voorhees does .... In so far as the trio has a leader, he is it; the cousins often try to work without ...


Apr 24, 2014 ... 'Friday The 13th' Scares Up Hourlong Series ... films, Jason Voorhees is ready to slash his way to small-screen stardom. ... Now that “Walking Dead” has shown how the Zombie movie can translate to TV, let's do slasher. Can't ...


Friday The 13th Will Bludgeon Your TV Sets With Jason Voorhees For New ... up for an hour-long Friday the 13th series, centered on Jason Voorhees and the ...


While we're still waiting for the theatrical side of the Friday the 13th franchise to rise up ... good for the previously announced small screen version of Jason Voorhees' story. ... that the murderer who inspired Jason will be seen throughout the series. ... came up with new concepts rather than just looking to old films to convert?


Feb 13, 2015 ... There have been twelve "Friday the 13th" movies to date, including "Part II" (1981 ), ..... a "Friday the 13th" TV series in the late '80s -- though it didn't have Jason and ... Deadline reported last year a new television show is in the works that ... was not one of them though he did appear in "The Final Chapter.


Deadline broke the news of the new Friday the 13th show. It's being written by by Steve Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle, who did the of the 1996 NBC series The ...


Jun 5, 2017 ... Jason Voorhees just won't die in the Friday the 13th movies. ... Cunningham says that the series could still happen one day, offering this ... The bottom line is, Jason hits hard and fast — something that works for 90 minute movies. That also translate well for intense matches in Friday the 13th: The Game.


Aug 11, 2016 ... The CW was developing a Friday the 13th Crystal Lake TV series to explore ... after the panel, Pedowitz explained why Friday the 13th didn't work. ... Long after the serial killer Jason Voorhees had stopped terrorizing the ... “They will be free once our rights to the script go away, in December,” Pedowitz said.


Friday the 13th is considered to be the unluckiest day in the Gregorian calendar. ... Greek: paraskeví translates as Friday, and dekatria is another way of saying 13 . ... Friday the 13th enterprise includes 12 horror movies, a television series, and ... The mask worn by the key character in the films, Jason Voorhees, is one of the  ...