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Feb 25, 2013 ... Fox News Hosts Breitbart's Shapiro Days After "Friends Of Hamas" ... Chuck Hagel to the apparently nonexistent group "Friends of Hamas." .... To which he replies:"That's the dumbest thing I ever heard." ... I'm well aware of how small the world is; and how many Madisonville escapees there are out there.


Feb 20, 2013 ... Breitbart.com, "Friends Of Hamas," And Enemies Of Accountability ... sources") received money from a group called "Friends of Hamas. ... Because, after all, this is the most easily debunked story in the world: all Chuck Hagel .... They have taken cynicism to a whole new level and they really are this stupid.


Feb 20, 2013 ... Since the original “Friends of Hamas” story was written, the media has ... He gave a paid speech to a group called “Friends of Hamas. ... story in the world: all Chuck Hagel has to do is release his records. .... Lazy, stupid, and possessing no journalistic ethics whatsoever is no way to go through puberty, Ben.


Aug 24, 2016 ... Corbyn invited Hamas and Hizbollah to Parliament and called them his 'friends'. ... Corbyn was also a long-time backer of an anti-Israel group founded by Paul Eisen, ... World famous left-wing economist Thomas Picketty has also .... The only questions it raises is how stupid do you have to be to think 9/11 ...


Stephen Colbert opened Thursday's "Colbert Report" with a segment on the short -lived by mildly hilarious "Friends of Hamas" non-scandal, which explode.


All around the world we are subjected to 3 or 4 huge news distributors, and one of .... a small group of people on film would represent the Palestinian people as a whole. ... who donated blood in front of the cameras, was rejecting any suggestion that his ... Donald Trump Said Republicans Are the “Dumbest Group of Voters”.


Apr 15, 2016 ... Terrorist Front Group CAIR thinks we shouldn't honor US military on Memorial Day. So says=> .@ZahraBilloo #tcot http://t.co/odGTiv22DH ...


Jul 23, 2014 ... “UNRWA strongly and unequivocally condemns the group or groups ..... Either they are the dumbest people in the world, of Hamas refuses to ...


Feb 24, 2017 ... Tomi Lahren accepts role with pro-Trump advocacy group .... This woman immediately disclosed that anti-Semitic and anti-feminists statement to her husband and friends ... protect its civilians against rocket attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. ... State of the Jewish people is among the very worst in Congress.


Sep 7, 2016 ... Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off on military and veterans issues in separate appearances at a "commander in chief" forum.