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The Egg. Frogs lay their eggs in water or wet places. A floating clump of eggs is called frog spawn. The large and slippery mass of eggs are too big to be eaten.

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Jan 15, 2014 ... The life cycle of a frog. ... Look it up, also I have witnessed my frog in the day sleep with its eyes closed! -Most frogs use their two hands and ...
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura Family: Genus:
There is no scientific distinction between "frogs" and "toads," although most anurans are usually referred to as one or the other. Anurans have several synapomorphies that distinguish them from other amphibians.
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METAMORPHOSIS: The Lifecycle of a Frog. Metamorphosis is the change of shape during an animal's life. During metamorphosis the tadpole will develop back ...



Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura The oldest fossil ...

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Life Cycle of a Frog. True Love? [toads mating] When Frogs mate, the male frog tends to clasp the female underneath in an embrace called amplexus.

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Although both hatch from eggs, chickens and frogs experience different life cycles. Chicken eggs are fertilized internally and laid individually, while frog eggs are ...

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FREE---These sequencing cards are a great visual aid for students who are just beginning to learn about the life cycles of a butterfly and frog! Simply have them ...

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All animals generally have a life cycle. The animal life cycle begins with a fertilized egg. ... The differences between the observations of the different groups are listed on the board. ... egg, chick, hen; egg, tadpole, immature frog, adult frog.

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Q: What are the stages of a frogs life cycle?
A: 1. egg 2. tadpole 3. baby frog 4. audit frog. Read More »
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Q: What are the stages of a frog's life cycle.
A: There are 5 stages.Egg,tadpole,young frog(forglet),adult frog,and death. Read More »
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Q: What is the point of a frog's life cycle?
A: Point of frog's life cycle is same as any animal, to reproduce new offspring. Ecological purpose of frog is to control Read More »
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Q: Detail of frogs life cycle?
A: Details in link. Read More »
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Q: What about the frog life cycle?
A: yay frogs! Well, first you start out with an egg. Once the egg is fertilized (with sperm) it begins the growing process. When the egg "hatches" there is a tadpo... Read More »
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