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A weather (state of atmosphere) front is a boundary separating two masses of air of different ... When a front becomes stationary, and the density contrast across the frontal boundary vanishes, the ...

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Jun 25, 2012 ... Lifting mechanisms are forms of lift that cause air to rise. In this topic we cover orographic lift, frontal lift, convergence, and convective lift.

Lifting Along Frontal Boundaries: when air masses interact


Lifting Along Frontal Boundaries. when air masses interact. Lifting also occurs along frontal boundaries, which separate air masses of different density.

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Effects of Frontal Lifting. on forecasted precipitation. Forecast Tip: If there is sufficient moisture in the air and a forcing mechanism like a cold front (for example) is ...

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Frontal Lifting Frontal lifting is the term applied to the process represented on a front when the inclined surface represents the boundary between two air masses  ...

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Atmospheric Instability & Limitations on Lifting Unstable Air. Adiabatic vs. Diabatic Processes: Cloud Formation. Causes of Precipitation: Convection, Orographic ...

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Forced lifting is like picking up a bowling ball from the ground or doing a bench ... Frontal boundaries, dry lines and outflow boundaries (low level convergence)

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Atmospheric Lifting Mechanisms. ➢ Convergent Lifting. ➢ Convectional Lifting. ➢ Orographic Lifting. ➢ Frontal Lifting (Cold and Warm. Fronts). For air masses to ...

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The sloping of warm air over the cold air leads to a forced uplifting (frontal lifting) of the warm air if one air mass is moving toward the other. In turn, this uplifting ...

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The third process is frontal lifting. Here a moving, cooler air mass pushes its way under and lifts a warmer air mass. Again, this lifting action can produce cumulus ...