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David J. Frum is a Canadian-American neoconservative political commentator. A speechwriter .... In 2008 Frum published Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again. .... opinion article for CNN.com, Fr...

Frum: "Why Trump Supporters Think He'll Win" - Daily Kos


Jul 30, 2016 ... They are convinced that Trump will win. None of ... That's why they want guns for themselves, and not just for Mayor Bloomberg's bodyguards.

Frum: The GOP Will Destroy America If We Reelect Obama, So We ...


Nov 2, 2012 ... Frum: The GOP Will Destroy America If We Reelect Obama, So We ... his party — and that question is the same whether Romney wins or loses.

Barack Obama's Impact on the Gun-Control Debate and the 2016 ...


Jan 10, 2016 ... Voter bases at odds on guns are likely to see their parties ramp up rhetoric on ... argument with the groups, and in the states, that they can actually win. .... In September 1942, Viktor Frankl, a prominent Jewish psychiatrist and ...

David Frum - The Daily Beast


David Frum is a contributing editor at The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. ... Myth of the Defensive Gun. Jan 14, 2014 4:50 ... During the 2008 race, Clinton was seen as a better friend to Israel than Obama. ... How Ted Cruz Can Win in '16 .

David Frum - The Daily Beast


Myth of the Defensive Gun. By David Frum01.14.14 ... The Obamacare Death Spiral. By David Frum11.04. ... How Ted Cruz Can Win in '16. By David Frum 10.25.

Obama needs a 'Plan B' on guns - CNN.com


Feb 18, 2013 ... President Obama may not have the votes to pass gun legislation, but David Frum says the government could do a lot to increase gun safety ...

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David Frum is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. ... Gun rights advocates insist that the U.S. faces a choice between the status quo and the repeal of the Second ... David Frum on what we can learn from auto safety. ... Obama's Split Personality: The Speech for Peace…and War.

Why Obama shouldn't lead fight against gun violence - CNN.com


Dec 17, 2012 ... David Frum says a campaign led by politicians will polarize debate; it's better to let the leadership come from others.

White Rage and Obama's Tears - New York Magazine


Jan 7, 2016 ... To kick off 2016: Obama's gun-control push, the Donald dredging up Bill and ... Does President Obama's emotional call for new measures this week create ... There is no such award, Jeb! didn't win it, and Heston gave him no rifle. ... the grievances many Americans have against what Frum calls “the power ....

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Why Obama can't do anything about guns. - Slate


Jun 14, 2016 ... Who's winning, who's losing, and why. ... How can Obama pass a stimulus and health care reform, but can't get something as simple and ...

David Frum and Bob Shrum Discuss the 2016 Election - The Atlantic


May 18, 2016 ... David Frum and Bob Shrum discuss the election cycle and its likely place in political history. ... Will 2016 Prove a Turning Point in American Politics? ... outspoken advocacy for gun control, which will hurt in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; ... to win in November as I was that he could win in the primaries. Frum: ....

David Frum on Rebellion Against Leftist Monoculture and American ...


Sep 21, 2016 ... David Frum joins The Federalist Radio Hour to weigh in on 2016 and comparing ... he would govern with even more executive activism than the Obama Administration. ... And what both of you fail to understand is that a win will only embolden them .... So, you're trolling and ignorant of guns and gun laws.