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Factors modulating neural reactivity to drug cues in addiction: a ...


Nov 6, 2013 ... ... vs. less dependent or non-dependent drug users (Fryer et al., 2012; .... (Wager et al., 2005) and in response to salient external stimuli (e.g., ...



Ten additional affected members were observed by Boehringer et al. .... gene in the British family with Wagner vitreoretinopathy previously studied by Fryer et al.

Hereditary vitreopathy


Article |; Kimura T, Cheah KSE, Chan SDH, Lui VCH, Mattei M-G, van der Rest M, et al. .... Godel V, Lazar M. Wagner's vitreoretinal degeneration with generalised epiphyseal .... Watkins D, Fryer AE, Goldberg R, Marion R, Polomeno RC, et al.

Diet predicts intestine length in Lake Tanganyika's cichlid fishes ...


Catherine E. Wagner, .... 2000; West-Eberhard 2003; Gomez-Mestre & Buchholz 2006; Wund et al. 2008) ... 1989), in Lake Tanganyika's cichlids (Fryer & Iles 1972) and in Cuatro Cienegas cichlid morphs (Kornfield et al. ..... Mean algal C : N ratio vs. mean size-standardized intestine length index (ILI) for Tropheus brichardi ...

An Arabidopsis soluble chloroplast proteomic analysis reveals the ...


Mar 4, 2015 ... high light (Fryer et al., 2002; Krieger-Liszkay et al., 2008). Genetic ... type compared to WT Arabidopsis (Lee et al., 2007; Wagner et al., 2004 .... blue and 0.5% (v/v) IPG buffer pH 3–11 NL (GE Healthcare, Uppsala,. Sweden).

Oxidative Stress: Antagonistic Signaling for Acclimation or Cell Death?


Jun 29, 2010 ... By analogy with ABA-mediated signaling in guard cells (Cutler et al., 2010), the BSC ... 30 min of high-light exposure (Fryer et al., 2003; Galvez-Valdivieso et al., 2009). .... Minkov IN,; Shulaev V,; Apel K,; Inzé D,; Mittler R,; Van Breusegem F ..... Wagner D,; Przybyla D,; op den Camp R,; Kim C,; Landgraf F, .....



Jun 23, 2015 ... Belczynski K., Taam R. E., Kalogera V., Rasio F. A. and Bulik T. 2007 ApJ 662 504. IOPscienceADS ... Dominik M., Belczynski K., Fryer C. et al 2013 ApJ 779 72 ... Martini P., Wagner R. M., Tomaney A. et al 1999 AJ 118 1034.

stickler syndrome - Stickler Involved People


Fryer et al. (1990) studied a large family with Wagner syndrome. Affected individuals in this family had none of the extraocular features associated with Stickler ...

Obesity improves myocardial ischaemic tolerance and RISK ...


dietary obesity with insulin-resistance (du Toit et al., 2005; du Toit ... In vivo infarction was more than halved in OB (20±3%) versus CD rats (45±6% P<0.05), as was post-ischaemic lactate ... OR) agonism, known to engage these signals ( Fryer et al., 2001; ..... dysregulation arise in metabolic syndrome (Wagner et al., 2008);.

Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory ... - Tor D. Wager


Brain and psychological mediators of imitation: sociocultural versus physical traits. Culture ... Wager T.D., Kang J., Johnson T.D., Nichols T.E., Satpute A.B., et al.

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Cases - Tim James Law


Hento v. Kynan Trail, M.D. and Lewis & Clark Specialty Hospital, Yankton Co. # 14-212 ... John Sternquist, M.D., et.al., Yankton County SD 1st Cir. ... (alleging failure to timely serve complaint) SETTLED Fryer v. Ron Wager, et.al., LLC, US Dist.

Parental Incentives and Early Childhood Achievement - Harvard ...


effects on Latino families than on non-Latino families (Wagner and Clayton 1999) . 3 ... achievement (e.g. Fryer 2011, Middleton et al. ..... V. Experimental Results.

Variation in the Vitreous Phenotype of Stickler Syndrome Can Be ...


Increasing the levels of types V and XI with respect to the more abundant collagens ... whereas a fourth produces a Stickler-like syndrome (Ballo et al.). ..... Fryer et al.; Vintiner et al.; Brunner et al.; Richards et al.; Sirko-Osadsa et al.; Annunen et ..... COL2A1 exon 2 mutations: relevance to the Stickler and Wagner syndromes.