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Funner definition, something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun. See more.


While funner is a regular comparative of the adjective fun, the comparative more fun is much more common. The use of fun as an adjective is itself still often seen  ...


Definition: More (or Most) Amusing or Enjoyable > I am sad that 'funner' and ' funnest' are not proper words. They are lots of fun to use anyway. —User.


Funner is a regular comparative of the adjective fun. However, the use of fun as an adjective is itself still often seen as informal or casual and to be avoided in ...


Can something be funner or funnest? Fun is a word which many people find does not live up to its definition, especially when it is used as an adjective (meaning ...


Is funner a real English word? What about funnest? How do you form the comparative and superlative? Find out with example sentences and quizzes here .


May 24, 2017 ... Welcome to “Funner,” California, a new city in North San Diego County that was officially renamed last week by the Rincon Band of Luiseno ...


Some English traditionalists claim that the only correct comparative form of the adjective fun is more fun, that the only superlative is most fun, and that funner and  ...


If you are comparing two enjoyable activities, should you say that one was funner or more fun than the other? Is funner even a word? Find out right now!


Pamper yourself, catch a show, or try your luck at the tables. Funner has a little something for everyone.