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Apr 2, 2011 ... The 10 Most Ridiculously Awesome Geeky Computer Pranks .... Add Common Typos or Funny Words to MS Word's Dictionary or AutoComplete.


7 Computer Pranks to Try on Your Friends ... Set it to "echo user's keystrokes" and blast the volume—your pal's computer will now loudly announce each .... 20 Funny Science Jokes, According to Someone Who Once Got a B-Minus in Biology.


Hey guys, today i am gonna be showing you 10 funny computer pranks, and how to do them! also, this is my first instrucatable, so don't blame me if i don't do this ...


Jun 16, 2016 ... These harmless computer pranks are fun if your friends and co-workers have a sense of humor, but prank carefully: Don't get yourself into ...


Jun 27, 2009 ... Your prank should be quick to implement and even quicker to reverse, ... trying any of these pranks on someone who won't see the funny side of things. ... on your target's computer, but leave their existing mouse connected.


Mar 31, 2017 ... Look, you're an adult human being. You're better than this. Don't do any of the things in this slideshow.


Jul 29, 2017 ... Does Doing Pranks on Your friends at school or office lighten up your day. You can Try these Harmless computer pranks on your Friends, but ...


Mar 31, 2008 ... Hit the jump for our top 10 favorite harmless geek pranks, just in time ... When your victim returns to the computer, watch the futile clicking begin.


Dec 31, 2016 ... 11 geeky & funny computer pranks 2017. Start harassing and confusing your friends with this best computer pranks or funny computer pranks ...