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What do you call a Marine with an open head wound? Ajar Head A marine sergeant was upset with his son's report card. All the subjects e.g shooting, strategy ...


Just a few more hours until LIBO. To help you keep your noses clean until then, here are 13 funny military memes: Do not leave privates unsupervised for even a  ...


Sep 29, 2016 ... Jokes, humor, and funny stories about the Military. You're Not a Marine. Marie jokes.


Marine Jokes ... During the Vietnam war, a Lieutenant asked a Marine why he was falling back ..... Counselor: "Hell's not so bad; we actually have a lot of fun.


Marines, Navy and Army are the forces set for the defensive operations of a country. In every country throughout the world, these forces operate independently or ...


The armed forces of any country are categorized in to three disciplines that are army force, marine force and air force. In general, we call them just army or ...


The marines are an elite military unit with serious obligations and heavy responsibilities. ... Here are some marine jokes and why they are supposedly funny.


Comedy Central Jokes - - Q: What does "Marine" stand for? A: Muscles are required; intellegence not expected.