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Various public and entertainment figures offer a number of funny things to be thankful for that relate to education, like Jimmy Fallon's being thankful that other people had a trau...

20 Funniest Things to Do - Random Things To Do


Super glue a coin to the sidewalk and when someone bends down to pick it up rip some paper. When at a party take a soda can out of the cooler, shake it up, put  ...

Funniest Things to Do — Page 2 - Random Things To Do


Funniest Things to Do — Page 2. 21) Look at the person sitting next to you until they laugh. 22) Call Domino's and ask, "Do you have the number for Pizza Hut?

Random Things To Do - Funny Ideas for When You're Bored


Over 15 thousand ideas for things to do when you're bored!

Random, Crazy things to do in public! - Goodreads


DON'T ACTUALLY DO ANY OF THESE THINGS. 1. Go into an elevator full ... ( This is a funny topic, but I hope no one does any of these in real life...) reply | flag *.

100 Funny Things To Do and some random stuff - Wattpad


Fun Things To Do In Public:100 Funny Things To Do and some random stuff - Need something funny to do in Public? Check these out. From public restrooms to ...

1000 Random Things To do when you are BORED!!! - Goodreads


♥Manaswi♥ said: lets all list 1000 random things to do when you are bored! ... for talking massive shit. again. you WILL get kicked out the store, but still funny.

Web Tips: 100 Funniest Things to Do When You are Bored


Apr 8, 2012 ... 1) Point at someone and shout "Your one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly. 2) Run up to someone random on the street and ...

Funny things to ask Siri - and some silly answers - Features ...


Oct 22, 2015 ... 52 funny things to ask Siri in iOS: Ask Siri what to wear for Halloween & more. Have a laugh ... What do you think about Google Now? I'm naked ...

23 random funny things to do at school . - Random - Fanpop


23 random funny things to do at school . Article by bellabrowneyes posted over a year ago. found this stuff and i wanted to share with you guys (girls) so enjoy !

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Q: Funny things to do?
A: Walk out of the elevator as someone gets in. Wait for the elevator to be almost closed as you run back screaming "NOOOOO!!!!" with horror on your face. If they ... Read More »
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Q: The funny things they do?
A: Right after my daughter turned 2 I had to take one of my other girls to the doctor and in the office we were at the nurses station and she said "shut the F up".... Read More »
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Q: It's the funniest thing.
A: My previous Jack Russell, Demon, used to howl at noises that bothered him. these included such things as woodwinds on any recording, whistling sounds on TV and ... Read More »
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Q: A funny thing?
A: To answer your question, yes, I've noticed that. The Da Vinci Code IS a work of fiction; it even says so at the beginning of the book. People put so much faith ... Read More »
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Q: More Funny Things ;^].
A: xD that really was one hell of a cupcake I didn't even notice the two girls till I looked around like "WTF? WHY IS HE GAY?" xD lmaooo. That made my night, thank... Read More »
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