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However, there are plenty of fun things to do during your days off, and to prove this here are 53 examples of activities to liven up your free time. ... resource for fun and creative videos; go on a wild search for the funniest videos you can find. 26.


Top Ten Random and Bizarre Things to Do In Your Spare Time ... Actually, my friend, I find these funny and I'm terrified about what that says about me. Haha!


Apr 5, 2014 ... The 35 Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time (Frugally) ... If traditional rhyme isn't your thing, consider slam poetry instead. ... Not only do you get to commune with nature, but if you grow edibles, you can cut down your .... Chickens are easy to keep, funny to watch, and if you get the right breeds, sociable.

Oct 17, 2011 ... Order a free EF brochure: http://www.ef.com/?source=007970,yt Every EF school has an Activities Office with staff working full time making sure ...


Feb 23, 2012 ... 12 Crazy Activities These CEOs Do In Their Spare Time ... that they need a stress -reliever to completely free them of all work-related worries.


Dec 10, 2012 ... Whether you're in for a long weekend or trying to figure out how to spend your time off work, add some budget-friendly activities to your ...


Keep a journal about your life and include how you'd like your life to be. Be sure to describe the activities you're trying out in your free time, so that you can ...


I get stressed when I have a weekend full of activities ahead. ..... Maybe this is just the introvert in me but your spare time activities sound like ...


When they ask about your hobbies and what you do in your spare time they're ... Mention activities that better you for the job like attending seminars, reading or ...


It's sometimes just too tempting to spend your free time playing games on your smartphone, or hanging out with your friends. That's fun, for sure, but spending ...