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Top 10 Cool (Funny) Ways to Wake Someone Up - Listovative


Here's how if you wake up they don't get to sleep to. You'll not only wake them up but have a good laugh too, at the priceless expressions or maybe just the fact ...

10 Very Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone From Deep Sleep - Listaka


All of us have one of those friends who tend to lose all contacts with the world while asleep. They are probably so engrossed making fun and frolic in their make  ...

15 Clever and Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up - Buzzle


Aug 13, 2016 ... Well, snores do not count as a funny way to wake someone up (it doesn't let you sleep in first place). But, poking slightly the nostrils of someone ...

How to Wake Someone Up: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Wake Someone Up. When you're having trouble waking up a friend or ... Weird." Alternatively, you could just set the alarm on your phone and leave it in ...

10 Cool Ways to Wake Someone Up - List Dose


Aug 23, 2014 ... Thinking how cool can you get in your efforts? Check out our list of ten coolest and funniest ways to wake someone up! 10. Crash Cymbals.

Top 10 Fun Ways to Wake Someone Up from Deep Sleep | ListSurge


If I could sleep for a whole day, I would be the happiest soul when I wake up. But, if I am woken up in ... Here are 10 super fun ways to wake someone up from deep sleep. Top 10 Super Fun .... Top 10 Weird Fashion Accessories. 4 weeks ago.

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Apr 14, 2013 ... feel free to use these techniques to wake up someone you know. .... Ultimate Best funny ways to wake up pranks compilation April Fool 2014 ...

How to Wake Someone Up: 10 Creative & Funny Ways You Can Try ...


Monday mornings are here again, and your roommate had promised to pay you 20 bucks at the end of the week for you to wake him up every morning. So you ...

What is the meanest way to wake someone up? - Quora


I feel perhaps that the question refers to waking an individual from peaceful slumber. In the ED .... Mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually...human beings are clever and creative when it comes to finding new ways to be shitty to one another.

How to wake up people when they are sleeping - Instructables


I will show you how to wake up people when they are slepping the funny way. ... The action of waking someone up includes taking them out of the long process ...

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Funny Ways To Wake Someone up In The Morning - Boldsky.com


Jul 5, 2014 ... Have you ever felt tired to wake someone up in the morning, especially kids who have to head to school? Mothers of young kids have to go ...

6 Creative And Funny Ways To Wake Someone Up In The Morning ...


Nov 2, 2015 ... If you want to start your day with a good laugh, take a look at these hilarious ways to wake someone up. But, be prepared for the consequences ...

How to wake friend up. (prank)? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 3, 2011 ... He won't wake up how can I mess with him to get him up. ... A great way to wake someone up is to sit your bare butt on their face, as soon as they wake up...run like hell so they can't .... A fun way to wake up a friend/ prank?