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Gh is a digraph found in many languages. Contents. [hide]. 1 In Latin-based orthographies ... English, ⟨gh⟩ is almost always either silent or pronounced /f/ ( see ough). It is thought that before disappearing, the sound became partially or ... the English version comes after vowels rather than before like Maltese għ (għajn  ...


Read these words and sentences. They may be a little difficult but try to do your best. Have your assistant lend his /her help. (ph) sounds like f. pheasant image ...


Pronunciation: How did "gh" at the end of some words become an "eff" sound? ... voiceless labiodental fricative (a rasp between the teeth and lips), the sound usually spelled "f". ... Why is the pronunciation of /z/ in the end of the word like /s/? .


The video has all the pronunciation sounds below. We use -gh- in very common words like: though, right, daughter, weigh, cough, brought, enough. And we use ...

Nov 23, 2014 ... H Family Ph And Gh Sounds Like F. ... 【子音 ph & gh 發無聲 f 音】Consonants ph & gh sound like f - Duration: 2:00. AMC 空中美語-親子英語 741 ...
Jan 12, 2012 ... (Gh) silent and (gh) making the (f) sound. ... Step 31 of Phonics with (Silent ( GH and GH that Sounds Like F). ronjas0306. Loading.
Feb 18, 2011 ... Read Write Now 4 Programme 10 Learning Point 3 - Words with 'gh' ... Step 31 of Phonics with (Silent ( GH and GH that Sounds Like F) ...


List all words that contain gh. 1562 words found. aargh · aarrgh · aarrghh · abought · affright · affrighted · affrighting · affrights · afghan · afghani · afghanis


So why is a 'Ph' used ? or a 'Gh' in words like 'Enough' or 'Tough' ? ... The Greek letter that makes the "F" sound is "phi", written like φ.


Jun 8, 2015 ... The /ɸ/ sound represents a sound like /f/, but it's made with just your two lips instead of your lips and teeth together. So Greek /pʰ/ became /ɸ/, ...