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Aug 16, 2010 ... How to gain 80 pounds... of pure fat! We all have seem articles around the web, claiming to make you lose fat, get a six-pack, become a stud, ...

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Aug 16, 2013 ... The first rule of trying to put on 20 lbs. of fat is not telling your overweight friends about your plans. Very few people go on a diet to gain weight, and... ... motivations and health before intentionally putting on 20 lbs. of pure fat.

How FAST do you gain FAT after overeating? Interesting facts ...


Apr 22, 2013 ... Your fat gain depends on the speed of your metabolism (which is something ... Obviously, it is way more difficult to get rid of this pure fat gain ...

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Sep 24, 2008 ... Gained 5 lbs. of pure FAT! Now 165! ... 5 lb gain!! - Duration: 3:55. Eliza Young ... Do I look like I have 70 pounds of fat on me? - Duration: 2:22.

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Mar 15, 2012 ... Unless I wanted to gain pure fat, I had to lift often and lift heavy. I followed an old- style powerlifting routine with heavy pulls and pushes and ...

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Nov 1, 2012 ... Don't ask why but I have to gain roughly 30 pounds of FAT (so don't tell me to ... nothing will be burned and everything will be stored as pure fat.

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Dec 11, 2007 ... 453 grams per pound means that 1 pound of pure fat has 4077 calories. Thus, if you eat 1 pound of lard, you will gain MORE than one pound of ...

Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time


“How can I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? .... crap, you could lose more muscle than fat in a deficit and gain almost pure fat, not muscle, in a surplus !

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Nov 24, 2015 ... No matter what I eat I dont seem to gain weight! ... It is a brick of pure cow fat. ... Ideally to gain weight, you need to eat at a calorie surplus and ...

If I eat one pound of pure fat will I gain more than one pound of body ...


Mar 13, 2008 ... Close. There are 3500 calories per pound of body fat. In order to lose just one pound of stored fat we need to burn off 3500 extra calories OR ...

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Q: How can someone gain pure fat?
A: People gain fat by eating fatty foods and not exercising. someone can gain pure fat if they eat lard and sit on the couch all day watching tv. only getting up t... Read More »
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Q: Will eating then going to bed make me gain pure fat?
A: Actually, there is scientific research suggesting that eating right before going to bed can lead to weight gain because of the following reason: your body is st... Read More »
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Q: Are there any kind of powders or pills to make you gain pure fat?
A: The closest thing i could think that would be close to that is probably protein drinks? like muscle milk or something, its a protien thing, but it only works fo... Read More »
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Q: How to Burn Pure Body Fat.
A: The process of burning pure body fat is called ketosis. It works by severely reducing carbohydrate intake, which causes your body to break down fat stores to pr... Read More »
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Q: How to Burn Pure Body Fat.
A: 1. Plan your daily meals in advance. This will make it easier to stick to a carbohydrate-limited diet because it will prevent you from getting hungry and reachi... Read More »
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