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Gamer Gripes: Why I Sometimes Loathe, Hate, and Despise Video ...


Feb 16, 2013 ... Gamer Gripes: Why I Sometimes Loathe, Hate, and Despise Video Games by Dan Anderson. Visit 1UP.com for the best blogs about video games. ... has no physical buttons for playing some otherwise sublime platformers.

Random gaming thing you loathe right now | Gamers With Jobs


May 8, 2016 ... Video game, board game, any game, rant about it here! ... down the games they dislike than building up the ones they enjoy. ... Are you folks making a distinction between voicing concerns/frustrations/complaints about games that you like otherwise versus simply slagging off on a game you don't like?

Video Games / Broken Base - TV Tropes


On the side of those who hate DLC, we have understandable complaints, since .... Opponents dislike it because it turns the game into Rocket Tag Gameplay: The ... of just Wii U, either due to lack of a Wii U, desire for portability, or otherwise. ..... it has become victim of intense fan debates, sometimes to horrifying degrees ...

Slate hate mail: Watch two writers read angry tweets and consider ...


Jun 2, 2014 ... Not all readers, however, stick to the rules of the game. ... I take it as a compliment when someone despises my work with a ... That said, sometimes haters are just crude and vicious, as our hate-read video ... Stern: I also must admit: Sometimes, if someone drops a “fag” in an otherwise well-reasoned ...

Getting to the Bottom of All This Nintendo Hate - Kotaku


Nov 8, 2011 ... Is there an inordinate amount of hate being projected at Nintendo lately? ... Naughty Dog basically made the same game 3 times with differing story ... And while you're at it, stop whining so much about video games. ... lot to say, and sometimes what they have to say has nothing to do with the stories we run.

The cult of TotalBiscuit • Eurogamer.net


Nov 14, 2012 ... He's a champion of indie gaming, he's often seen as an outlet for common ... “I produced some small pieces of fairly incompetent video content, the most ... their dislike for him - as, no doubt, the comments thread below will show. .... they are 100% right despite evidence suggesting otherwise that I loathe.

The amount of hate that Windows 10 gets is absolutely mind ... - Reddit


Dec 30, 2015 ... And I thought 8 was despised by everyone and their mother. ... But when you go to a W10-related video on YouTube and look at the comments section, ... The complaints include "Windows 10 is spyware, Windows 10 is laggy, ..... on with Windows 8.1 and didn't register in W10 until I tried to fire the game up.

Overwatch open beta - What are your impressions? - The Escapist


What do you like or dislike about the game? ... Sometimes I just wanna cut lose and kill some bitches without having to worry about "objectives" ...

Adopt a WriMo as a Character | National Novel Writing Month


I would like to make you about a year older and just dislike summer, not hate it, for my novel. ..... My patients assume I'm a nurse even though my nametags says otherwise.) ... Likes: Writing, video games like harvest moon and pokemon, anime, puzzles, ... I'm sarcastic, sometimes cynical, but I think I'm also a nice person...

What I Loathe About Far Cry 3 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Dec 4, 2012 ... Yesterday I celebrated what is definitely a really fantastic game. ... they dislike it so much, mention that a prostitute has given them the clap, and talk ... up being as madly stupid as it is in your otherwise oddly decent poker games. .... was my biggest gripe)… but you only went on about the main quest pop-up.

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I'm starting to hate gamers. - Games Discussion - GameSpot


I'm starting to hate gamers, gamers can never be impressed with ANYTHING there's ... My job is to bitch and moan about a game having shitty graphics. ... Seriously the majority of gamers I see commenting on gameplay videos or trailers ..... i'm being honest when I say I dislike your comment much more than the childish, ...

Women gamers, queer gamers and the trolls who hate them ...


Aug 6, 2013 ... In fact, the most interesting character in any video game anywhere is ... Hate speech against women, gays, lesbians, trans or intersex people is someone else's fantasy. .... is that they tell you stuff you couldn't possibly know otherwise. .... to do them and loathe them besides) & you were right all along: I...

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I hate pewdiepie fanboys with a passion that burns with the fury of a ... He's annoying but I gotta say by playing the games he does he's ... free mod community) and sometimes, sometimes his freak outs can be ... And he's not a very good gamer, but nobody watches his videos to ... I despise these "gamers".