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My garage door opens by itself. Is this possible? What could be the ...


Yes, it's possible, although rare, for your garage door to open by itself. There are a few unusual factors that can cause your door open by itself. Here are a few ...

How do I stop my garage door from opening on its own? - Home ...


Jul 14, 2013 ... My garage door has opened twice in the last 2 weeks during the night. ... how to open the door manually in case of emergency such as fire.

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Dec 10, 2014 ... I'm guessing the safety sensor is still active even after the door is completely shut.

My garage door is opening and closing by itself. | Dallas Garage ...


In most cases, when a garage door opens or closes by itself, or when you find your door open, upon returning home, the problem is due to a short somewhere.

Garage Door Troubleshooting Guides | GenieDoor.com


Garage Door Troubleshooting Guides Setting Genie Chain Drive Limits When ... door closes down to the floor, hesitates and reverses back up to the open position. ... My garage door is opening and closing by itself, as if someone else has the ...

Help me diagnose my automatic garage door opener weirdness - car ...


I have a two-car garage with a LiftMaster automatic garage door .... Sometimes garage doors open and close randomly in thunderstorms.

Aaaremotes' Tech Tip - Garage Door Opener Opens By Itself


garage door opens by itself. ... Common causes that make your garage door opener open the door on its own are: Possible Cause: Resolution: Neighbor with  ...

Ghost in the Machine: Why Your Garage Door Opens By Itself ...


If you have a garage door that's operated by an automatic opener, you may have experienced this scenario: Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, your garage.

Garage door opens on it's own (opener, AC, lights, cost) - House ...


So it appears when our electricity goes out our garage door opens when ... then on click on "My garage door is opening and closing on its own.

Craftsman Garage Door Open automatically and randomly.? | Yahoo ...


Jun 12, 2010 ... My craftsman garage door has started to open randomly. It is about 6 years old. This only started after I installed a wireless garage keypad.

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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opens By Itself | Angies List


Garage doors can open and close on their own. Although a rare issue, experts say it's usually caused by a circuit board short and offer tips on how to fix it.

Why Is My Garage Door Opening By Itself? - Ponderosa Garage ...


“I was sitting in my kitchen having breakfast with my family,” they say, “and all of a sudden I hear the garage door open, completely on its own.” Other times ...

Why is My Garage Door Opening by Itself? | This Old House


One morning after a thunderstorm, I noticed that our garage door was open. I know I'd closed it the night before. Now the door periodically opens all by itself.