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Gas exchange is the biological process by which gases move passively by diffusion across a .... The alveolar and pulmonary capillary gases equilibrate across the blood–air ..... The pulmonary capillaries surround the parabronchi in the manner shown (blood flowing from below the parabronchus to above it in the diagram).


The function of the respiratory system is to exchange two gases: oxygen and carbon dioxide. The exchange takes place in the millions of alveoli in the lungs and ...


A secondary school revision resource for AQA GCSE Triple Science about Biology: Gaseous exchange in the lungs.


The alveoli are grouped together like a lot of interlinked caves, and this allows the gas exchange into lungs.

Oct 29, 2011 ... A little more detail of the exchange of oxygen between alveoli and capillaries.


Learn more about gas exchange across the alveoli in the Boundless open textbook. Differences in partial pressures of O2 create a gradient that causes oxygen ...


IB Biology notes on 6.4 Gas exchange. ... Oxygen diffuses into the capillaries from the air in the alveoli and carbon dioxide ... 6.4.4 Draw and label a diagram of the ventilation system, including trachea, lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.


The exchange of gases (O2 & CO2) between the alveoli & the blood occurs by simple ... So, the concentration (or pressure) of O2 in the alveoli must be kept at a .... in red blood cells called carbonic anhydrase) as shown in the diagram below.


The main function of the respiratory system is gaseous exchange. This refers to the process of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide moving between the lungs and blood  ...


An animation showing how gas exchange occurs in the lungs. How The Body Works, an interactive aid to teach airway anatomy and function using colourful ...