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Gas exchange is the biological process by which gases move passively by diffusion across a .... Gas exchange occurs in microscopic dead-end air-filled sacs called alveoli, where a very thin membrane (called ..... the entire length of each capillary (see the diagram in the "Interaction with circulatory systems" section above).


Similarly, carbon dioxide passes from the blood into the alveoli and is then exhaled. Oxygenated ... Gas Exchange Between Alveolar Spaces and Capillaries  ...


A secondary school revision resource for AQA GCSE Triple Science about Biology: Gaseous exchange in the lungs.


Learn more about gas exchange across the alveoli in the Boundless open textbook. Differences in partial pressures of O2 create a gradient that causes oxygen ...

Oct 29, 2011 ... A little more detail of the exchange of oxygen between alveoli and capillaries.


The alveoli are grouped together like a lot of interlinked caves, and this allows the gas exchange into lungs.


Watch as a molecule of oxygen makes its way from the alveoli (gas layer) ... Rishi mentioned a number of reasons why the rate of O2 exchange might slow down ...


The exchange of gases (O2 & CO2) between the alveoli & the blood occurs by ... During expiration, the respiration muscles relax & lung volume descreases. .... in red blood cells called carbonic anhydrase) as shown in the diagram below.


IB Biology notes on 6.4 Gas exchange. ... 6.4.4 Draw and label a diagram of the ventilation system, including trachea, lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.


An animation showing how gas exchange occurs in the lungs. How The Body Works, an interactive aid to teach airway anatomy and function using colourful ...