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garish, formed in February 1997, is an Austrian alternative rock band. After having asserted ... The band's name is an English adjective meaning dazzling, stridently coloured or excessively ornamented, gaudy, ostentatious, tastelessly showy, ...


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gaudy, tawdry, garish, flashy, meretricious mean vulgarly or cheaply showy. gaudy implies a tasteless use of overly bright, often clashing colors or excessive  ...


Overly bright or ornamented, especially in a vulgar or tasteless way; gaudy. [ Origin unknown.] gar′ish·ly adv. gar′ish·ness n. Synonyms: garish, flashy, gaudy1 ...


Some might consider this necklace garish. Licensed from iStockPhoto. adjective. The definition of garish is something showy, gaudy or overdone in a tasteless ...


2. tawdry, loud; conspicuous, obvious. Gaudy, flashy, garish, showy agree in the idea of conspicuousness and, often, bad taste. That which is gaudy challenges ...


Garish definition, crudely or tastelessly colorful, showy, or elaborate, as clothes or decoration. See more. ... gay or colourful in a crude or vulgar manner; gaudy.


Example Sentence. a flash car; a flashy ring; garish colors; a gaudy costume; loud sport shirts; a meretricious yet stylish book; tawdry ornaments ...


Garish definition: You describe something as garish when you dislike it because it is very ... Synonyms: gaudy, bright, glaring, vulgar More Synonyms of garish.