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Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment | Catalyst


May 28, 2015 ... A statistical fact sheet on sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

10 Surprising Statistics on Women in the Workplace - CollegeTimes


Feb 15, 2010 ... Women are a huge part of the job force, which beats statistics today of how ...... And I've seen gender discrimination against men in the civilian ...

Sexism and Gender Discrimination Statistics | City Vision University


Nov 17, 2008 ... Sexism and Gender Discrimination Statistics ... earn (Bureau of Labor Statistics, cited in Hilary M. Lips, "The Gender Wage Gap: Debunking the ...

Data & Statistics - United States Department of Labor


Here you will find current and historical statistics on a broad range of topics and ... Infographic that illustrates key elements of the gender wage gap. (PDF).

11 Surprising Statistics About Women In The Workplace


Apr 19, 2015 ... Women in the workplace statistics are revealing. ... Is there some level of discrimination and assumptions made based upon gender and their ...

Gender Inequality and Women in the US Labor Force - ILO


According to public information collected by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the global gender pay gap ranges from 3 percent to 51 percent ...

Fact sheets and statistics | The Workplace Gender Equality Agency


Gender pay gap statistics. 19 August 2016. This fact sheet details the gender pay gap by states and territories, industries, occupations, sectors and age.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 report on women's earnings ...


Oct 31, 2013 ... The Bureau of Labor Statistics report breaks down the gender pay gap by age, race, occupation and hours worked. Findings include:.

83% of women think gender discrimination exists in the workplace ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... The good news is that statistics have dropped by 5% since our poll in ... of women (83%) in full time employment believe gender discrimination ...

Pay Equity & Discrimination — IWPR


IWPR's report on sex and race discrimination in the workplace shows that ..... covers basic demographic statistics on women, and presents additional data on a  ...