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Marine geology or geological oceanography is the study of the history and structure of the ocean floor. It involves geophysical, geochemical, sedimentological ...

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Part of the Earth's surface beneath the seas and the oceans; its topography is ... to define coastal features and calculate the elevation of topographical elements.

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Topographic features (the physical features of the surface of Earth) and geologic processes in the ocean basins hold the keys to plate tectonics, a fundamental ...

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and sea floor spreading regions that create particularly interesting ecosystems and geologic features. Two major ocean features are shallow continental margins ...

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The shelf is the most familiar and well-understood area of the ocean floor to .... Plate Tectonics - Geological Features of Convergent Plate Boundaries: Khan ...

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All ocean basins contain certain primary features: mid-ocean ridges, abyssal .... Plate tectonics: The geologic theory that Earth's crust is composed of rigid plates ... two important surface features on the floors: mid-ocean ridges and trenches.

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Geology 113. Physical Characteristics of the Ocean Floor. Print this webpage so you have a hard copy of the assignment. Bring the hard copy to lab. Objectives:.

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Other significant features of the ocean floor include aseismic ridges, abyssal hills, ... The ocean basins are transient features over geologic time, changing shape ...

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See what the geological scientists are studying from the DEEPSEA ... Studying the features on the seafloor and comparing them to features seen in trenches that  ...

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Geological oceanographers study many features of the oceans such as rises and ... For example, the structure and topography of the ocean floor are studied ...

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Looking at the Sea Physical Features of the Ocean. The Water Planet ... away by waves. The diagram below shows the main features found on the ocean floor.

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Students locate and label geologic features of the ocean and explore the relationship of these ... Ask: What types of landforms are there on the ocean floor ?

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Educational resources and lesson plans about the exciting, dynamic and largely unexplored features of the ocean floor, plate tectonics, hydrothermal vents, and ...