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Armour v. Knowles, et al., USCA Fifth Circuit | Loeb & Loeb


Dec 21, 2007 ... In response to defendant's request for admissions, plaintiff stated that her manager gave copies of the demo tape to associates of Knowles “in ...

Statutory Construction - Touch N' Go Systems, Inc.


Feb 17, 2006 ... Knowles (01/09/2004) sp-5768 ("appropriations" as used in the ... Suzuki (02/08/ 2002) sp-5533 (several axioms; sliding scale): Wongittilin et al. v State et al. ... sp- 5279 (Several canons of statutory construction): Gerber v.

The Essence of Transformational Adult Learning - eLearning Industry


Aug 21, 2012 ... Knowles' posed that the principles of andragogy were far superior for the adult ... behavior and dependency which is at the core of andragogy, (Knowles et al. ... of adult education programming (Stevens, Gerber & Hendra, 2010). ..... doi:10.1177/ 00343552070500020101; Venkatesh, V., Morris, M. G., Davis, ...

Identification and functional analysis of sequence variants in the ...


... (Okabayashi et al., 1991, Coleman et al., 1994, Knowles et al., 1996 and Frazer, 1996). ... Sequence alignment of the six BPV-1 LCR variants (I–V), identified in 35 sarcoid ..... Marti et al., 1993; E. Marti, S. Lazary, D.F. Antczak, H. Gerber.

Photogenerated reagents for membranes: selective labeling of ...


Aug 19, 1980 ... (1978), Frank et al. (1978), and Gerber et al. (1979)], only the most reactive reagents will derivatize ... electronic phenyl carbene does so react [Bayley & Knowles .... added ethanol (30 mL), followed by the bromo ketal V (208.

Some Candidate Replacement Materials for Dioctyl Phthalate in 'Hot ...


Bernard V. Gerber .... Over 90% of the material pro- al., 1966; Knowles et al., 1987). In 1982 ... Gerber (1980) has pub- currently produced as the model TDA- 100.

The ISME Journal - Marked seasonal variation in the wild mouse gut ...


May 29, 2015 ... Corinne F Maurice, Sarah CL Knowles, Joshua Ladau, Katherine S Pollard, .... LefSe (Segata et al., 2012a) was run on sub-sampled data sets, ... We performed linear mixed models using the lme4 package in R v.3.0.1 (Bates et al., 2014). ..... Gerber GK, Luevano Jr JM, Gatti DM, Somes L, Svenson KL et al.

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et al. 1988; Knowles et al. 1993). ... positive and Gram-negative bacteria ( Bundtzen et al. 1981;. Gerber and Craig 1981; Vogelman and Craig 1985); its duration ..... Exposure times illustrated are (i) 0 h, (ii) 2 h, (iii) 5 h, (iv) 20 h and (v) 60 h. Fig.

Assembly and activation of neurotrophic factor receptor complexes


Feb 22, 2010 ... Gerber, 1997), crosslinking and high-resolution struc- ... al., 1999; Cik et al., 2000 ), so the functional receptor ..... dependently of phosphorylation status (Knowles et al. .... Klein R, Jing SQ, Nanduri V, O'Rourke E, Barbacid M.

The Relative Roles of Passive Surface Forces and Active Ion ...


isotonic ASL [NaCl] ( 120–140 mM; Knowles et al.,. 1997; Hull et al., 1998; Matsui et al., 1998a), and mucus transport rates that mimic these ...... Crit. Care Med. 157 :10–14. Im Hof, V., P. Gehr, V. Gerber, M.M. Lee, and S. Schurch. 1997. In.

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The Standard Fire Insurance Co. v. Knowles : SCOTUSblog


The Standard Fire Insurance Co. v. Knowles ... Oct 29 2012, Brief amici curiae of 21st Century Casualty Company, et al. filed. Oct 29 2012, Brief amicus curiae of ...

Intrapersonal and interpersonal processes of social exclusion - NCBI


Mar 6, 2015 ... In a highly influential study, Eisenberger et al. ..... in the studies' outcomes (e.g., Blackhart et al., 2009; Gerber and Wheeler, 2009; Bernstein and Claypool, 2012). ..... Gardner W. L., Pickett C. L., Jefferis V., Knowles M. (2005a).

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy: current treatment ...


Most individuals are infected by age 30–40 [Knowles, 2006; Matos et al. ...... D. Pavlovic, F. Nyberg, and M. Gerber are members of the PMLC Clinical Working .... de Goer de, Havre M., Michot J., Hendel-Chavez H., Seta V., Mazet A., et al.