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Laveria Ann Knowles a/k/a Laveria Knowles v. The Bank of New ...


Laveria Ann Knowles a/k/a Laveria Knowles v. The Bank of New York Mellon f/k/a The Bank of New York, etc., et al.

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Feb 17, 2006 ... Knowles (01/09/2004) sp-5768 ("appropriations" as used in the ... Suzuki (02/08/ 2002) sp-5533 (several axioms; sliding scale): Wongittilin et al. v State et al. ... sp- 5279 (Several canons of statutory construction): Gerber v.

The Relative Roles of Passive Surface Forces and Active Ion ...


1981; and see below), an isotonic ASL [NaCl] (∼120–140 mM; Knowles et al. .... on ASL height, rotational mucus transport rate, ASL [Cl<sup>−</sup>], or Vt over 10 min (each n = 3; Tarran et al. ...... V. Im Hof,; P. Gehr,; V. Gerber,; M.M. Lee,; S. Schurch.

The impact of social exclusion vs. inclusion on subjective and ...


The impact of social exclusion vs. inclusion on subjective and hormonal .... Based on experimental results in female majority samples (e.g., Weik et al., 2010, ..... reactions (Gerber and Wheeler, 2009, Kelly et al., 2008 and Weik et al., 2010). .... Blackhart et al., 2009; G.C. Blackhart, B.C. Nelson, M.L. Knowles, R.F. Baumeister.

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et al. 1988; Knowles et al. 1993). ... positive and Gram-negative bacteria ( Bundtzen et al. 1981;. Gerber and Craig 1981; Vogelman and Craig 1985); its duration ..... Exposure times illustrated are (i) 0 h, (ii) 2 h, (iii) 5 h, (iv) 20 h and (v) 60 h. Fig.

Identification and functional analysis of sequence variants in the ...


... (Okabayashi et al., 1991, Coleman et al., 1994, Knowles et al., 1996 and Frazer, 1996). ... Sequence alignment of the six BPV-1 LCR variants (I–V), identified in 35 sarcoid ..... Marti et al., 1993; E. Marti, S. Lazary, D.F. Antczak, H. Gerber.

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Bernard V. Gerber. Optimetrics, Inc. Ann ... al., 1966; Knowles et al., 1987). In 1982, ... Gerber (1980) has pub- currently produced as the model TDA-100 lished a ...

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Lorthongpanich C, Cheow LF, Balu S, Quake SR, Knowles BB, Burkholder WF, Solter D, Messerschmidt DM. Single-cell ... Pamp, Suenje J.; Harrington, Eoghan D.; Quake, Stephen R.; et al. .... Fordyce PM, Gerber D, Tran D, Zheng J, Li H5, DeRisi JL, Quake SR. .... Hong JW, Studer V, Hang G, Anderson WF, Quake SR.



Andragogical vs. ..... guided activity that aims at change in an adult person” ( Knowles et al., 1998. p. 60), ..... instruction of adults” (Feuer & Gerber, 1988, p. 35 ).

Decay-accelerating factor in the cardiomyocytes of normal ... - Springer


Cite this article as: Zimmermann, A., Gerber, H., Nussenzweig, V. et al. .... Medof ME, Walter EI, Rutgers JL, Knowles DM, Nussenzweig V (1987) Identification of ...

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Intrapersonal and interpersonal processes of social exclusion - NCBI


Mar 6, 2015 ... In a highly influential study, Eisenberger et al. ..... in the studies' outcomes (e.g., Blackhart et al., 2009; Gerber and Wheeler, 2009; Bernstein and Claypool, 2012). ..... Gardner W. L., Pickett C. L., Jefferis V., Knowles M. (2005a).

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Sep 18, 2014 ... James H. Knowles and Anne M. Hobday (collectively, the .... “Plan of Land in Eastham, Mass., Property of Warren R. Corliss et al,” dated August ...

Photogenerated reagents for membranes: selective labeling of ...


Aug 19, 1980 ... (1978), Frank et al. (1978), and Gerber et al. (1979)], only the most reactive reagents will derivatize ... electronic phenyl carbene does so react [Bayley & Knowles .... added ethanol (30 mL), followed by the bromo ketal V (208.