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List of the most common surnames in Germany[edit]. Müller, occupation (miller); Schmidt, occupation (smith) Schneider, occupation (tailor); Fischer, occupation ...


A list of surnames in which the usage is German. ... German names are used in Germany and other German-speaking areas such as Austria and Switzerland.


Abbas · Abbe · Abegglen · Abel · Abeln · Abend · Abendroth · Aber · Abitz · Abitz · Abke · Abt · Abts · Ach · Achatz · Achen · Achenbach · Achorn · Achter ...


German surnames [Photo credit: Shutterstock] In German, a surname is called the “Nachname” or “Familienname.” The family name gradually started being used ...


Enter your last name to learn its meaning and origin. ... Many German surnames are descriptive names based on a physical characteristic, such as size or hair ...


Those of you who have German ancestors, did you ever wonder what your surname (last name) means, or how it originated? Dr. George F. Jones wrote a most ...


Common German Surnames and their surname origins and last name meanings. Germany Family History.


An alphabetical listing of German last names; ideal for researching your family history and discovering the roots of your German surname.


17.13.1 Str-; 17.13.2 Stu-. 17.14 Su-. 18 T; 19 U; 20 V; 21 W; 22 X; 23 Y; 24 Z; 25 See also. 25.1 German wikipedia; 25.2 Nobilities; 25.3 Person lists. 26 External ...