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Taken to court for card debt? What to expect - CreditCards.com


Mar 8, 2013 ... While you don't have to get professional legal representation, a lawyer ... Just because you're sued by your credit card company doesn't mean ...

10 Steps To Take If You're Sued For A Credit Card Debt


Sep 4, 2015 ... If your credit card company sues you for a debt just follow this roadmap. ... people will do nothing so the law firm can get a default judgment.

How to React If Your Credit Card Company Sues You - ABC News


Aug 3, 2013 ... What to Do If You're Sued By Your Credit Card Company ... If a debtor ignores the lawsuit, however, the creditor will get a judgment against the ...

Should I Get a Lawyer if My Credit Card Company Sues Me? | Nolo ...


It's often a good idea to at least consult with an attorney to discuss your options if you get served with a credit card debt lawsuit.

Defenses to Credit Card Debt Lawsuits | Nolo.com


If you are sued by your credit card company, there are some defenses that can help you. ... When this happens the current debt owner may have trouble getting  ...

Settling or defending a credit card debt when you are sued


Credit card debts that get charged off by your original creditor are often ...... Is it typically for the attorney representing the credit card company that sued me to ask ...

Why is My Credit Card Company Suing? Should I Settle?


Feb 24, 2014 ... your credit card company is suing you to try to get a judgment so that they can come after your property in a collections proceeding. Bankruptcy ...

Getting Sued by American Express Led Me Out of the Ruins of My Life


Jun 20, 2013 ... I had stopped paying my credit card bills. My credit card company sued me. It wasn't that difficult to understand. The lizard part of my brain, ...

Have you been sued by a credit card company? Or are you afraid ...


Apr 13, 2012 ... Or: 'What do I do if I get sued?' Or: 'I've been served with a lawsuit. What should I do?' If it seems to you like credit card companies are suing ...

Can a Credit Card Company Sue You? - CardHub


You'll Get Served (Maybe): When a lawsuit is filed ... Credit card companies and debt collectors are known to ...

Facts About Getting Sued by a Credit Card Company
When you obtain a credit card, you agree to pay the card issuer the amount of any purchases you charge to the card and any additional interest that accrues while you maintain a balance. Unfortunately, you may fall behind on your monthly payments and the... More »
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